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A sporty silhouette and piercing presence. Constantly evolving, reaching for perfection. Absolute Sensation SONATA

The new SONATA

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The back of the left side of the red SONATA is visible and a man in a red jacket is standing in front of the SONATA with the SONATA behind.
The right side of the gray SONATA is visible, and behind it a woman is leaning her arm against the SONATA. In the background, you can see the sea and the blue sky with some clouds.
A scene in which the front view of a red SONATA N Line is seen standing in a parking space, and the back of a man dressed in gray approaches the car from the right side of the screen.
A bottom-up view of the back of the gray SONATA. A woman stands in front of the SONATA, leaning against the SONATA and looking at the sky.

Sportier Than Ever

An Embodiment of
Ultimate Sportiness

Discover a dramatically rebuilt SONATA,
with aggressive styling and delicate high-tech details

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Here and ready, SONATA

SONATA dynamic driving youtube thumbnailvideo play button icon
SONATA dynamic driving youtube thumbnailvideo play button icon
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