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N Line

Power up your drive with N Line's turbocharged engine. Absolute Sensation SONATA

The new SONATAN Line

Power up your drive with N Line’s turbocharged engine

Gasoline 2.5T-GDi

Max. Power


Max. Torque


Power up your drive withN Line’s
Turbocharged Engine

Bold Attitude,
Daring Drive

Power and Precision
Meet Style

Power and Precision Meet Style

Active Sound Design

Enjoy the engine’s roar in your cabin, with enhanced sounds
that reflect your driving mode filling the interior.

Launch Control

Go from zero to full acceleration with stability. Traction loss is prevented as
the car races off from a standstill, ensuring a powerful yet smooth drive.

N Power Shift

Don’t miss out on the dynamic feel of driving in manual shift.
Upon shifting up, optimized clutch control delivers a thrilling push.

Rev Matching

Say goodbye to choppy gear changes. Rev matching synchronizes
the engine speed to the shifting RPM, allowing smooth transition.

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