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Red color Sonata Turbo is driving on the road next to the forest


Hidden details enhance comfort as time passes


Top view of silver Sonata Turbo parking with assist system

Front & rear parking assist system

With the aid of sensors at the front and rear of the car that sound a warning if you get too close to obstacles, you can park swiftly and safely.
Front seats interior

Front seats warmer

The front seats heat up at the touch of a button. Improvements to the driver and front passenger seat warmers now heat the seat to a cozy 26 degrees in just 3 minutes.
Rear seats interior

Rear seats warmer

The rear seats heat up at the touch of a button. It keeps rear passengers warm and cozy.
Sound system location marked on the top view of Sonata Turbo

Premium sound system

High performance speakers including an improved subwoofer speaker provides you with a delicate and dynamic stereo sound and makes you enjoy high-quality sound by intensifying the bass.
  • Only available in select regions
Electric parking brake buttons

Electric parking brake (EPB)

The Electric parking brake (EPB) helps lessen your effort while parking. A simple operation of a switch turns the parking brake on and off.
Engine start and stop button on the left and smart key on the right

Smart key & Engine start / stop button

To start the car, all that’s required is a press of the engine start / stop button. Hold your smart key as you approach the Sonata turbo. The car will detect it. All you have to do is press the button on the door handle.
Electronic chromic mirror

Electronic chromic mirror (ECM)

The Electric chrome mirror (ECM) makes sure you're not blinded by the light reflected from the car behind you. It automatically senses and reduces the intrusion of light.
Seat ventilation system illustrated

Seat ventilation system

Improved front-seat ventilation not only keeps the driver and front passengers refreshed during hot weather, but drops the air temperature about 5.5% more than before.
Auto defogging system on the windshield

Auto defogging system

Better your sight in the fog. The auto defogging system automatically detects windshield condensation and removes moisture to clear up the glass.
Rain sensor and aero blade wipers

Rain sensor and aero blade wipers

A rain sensor and aero blade wipers that automatically sense rainfall amount control wiper speed and keep the wipers from being lifted while driving at high speeds.

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