Red color Sonata Turbo is driving on the road next to the forest

Sonata Turbo

Setting a new standard for the turbo


Turbo, fluidic sculpture 2.0

Evolved fluidic aesthetics, a more elegant look and a vivid touch.
Side front view of red Sonata Turbo
Closer view of front exterior of Sonata Turbo

Powerfully glamorous

The turbo-only radiator grille and front bumper with a mesh grille grant the car a beautifully sleek and refined figure.
Closer view of rear exterior of Sonata Turbo

Confident for a reason

Sonata Turbo's dynamic and aggressive look is magnified with the turbo-only 18" alloy wheels and twin dual muffler exhaust tips.

Interior design with added impact

A turbo-boosted car means a boosted interior specification. Sport seats, a leather-wrapped gearstick knob and aluminum accelerator pedal show the influence of motorsport. The center fascia panel has a special textured metal surface treatment.
Full view of interior with cockpit area


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