Silver color Sonata Hybrid is placed inside of a building with unique design


You are just about to experience a total oneness with the car


Top view of white Sonata Hybrid parking with assist system

Front & rear parking assist system (PAS)

Smooth, easy and stress-free, that's what parking should be like. Sensors at the front and rear help you park in a narrow parking space swiftly and safely by detecting nearby obstacles and guiding you with a warning alarm if you are to close.
Illustration of a person standing in front of the trunk door

Smart trunk system

Your hands are full and you need to open the trunk. A hands-free smart trunk lid system does this for you with just the press of a smart key. Or, without even. Stand near the trunk with the smart key for three seconds, and voila. It’s open.
Navigation system

Navigation system

No road is new to Sonata Hybrid's navigation system. The wide 8" touch screen display with remarkable legibility provides you all smart locational information, energy flow, possible driving distance and eco driving information all so easily.
  • Only available in select regions
Seat warming and cooling air ventilation system illustrated

Seat warming & cooling air ventilation system

With Sonata Hybrid, you get not only seat warmers to keep you toasty in cold weather, but air ventilation seats to keep the air crisp and fresh.
Smart key on the left and Engine start and stop button on the right

Smart key & Engine start / stop button

A key that’s as neat and practical as the car itself. For ease of use, three separate buttons lock and unlock the doors and release the trunk. The only thing you need to do to fire the engine is pressing a start / stop button.
Usb and aux ports

Connectivity (USB and AUX)

Plug your mobile device into the AUX & USB socket, and you can play your favorite tunes from stored music files.
Windshield wiper blades with rain sensor

Rain sensor

A sensor installed on the windshield detects the amount of rainfall and automatically sets the wiper speed to the optimum level.
Electronic chromic mirror

Electronic chromic mirror (ECM)

The rear-view mirror detects the amount of light from other vehicles’ headlamps and automatically reduces the glare.
Audio system

Audio system (Radio / CD / MP3 / Bluetooth)

An audio system equipped with Bluetooth and CD and MP3 playback function allows for high-quality sound and easy operation.
  • Only available in select regions

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