Silver color Sonata Hybrid is placed inside of a building with unique design


Supreme performance, extreme efficiency


Icon with two pillars illustrated

Two pillars

A powerful internal combustion engine for when you want more power. An efficient electric motor for smooth and eco-driving. Now that’s a power couple.
Icon of a battery sign with circular arrow around

A battery that takes care of itself

No need to worry about recharging. When the battery runs out, the Sonata Hybrid shifts to gasoline engine mode. The electricity generated from the operating engine charges the battery.
Lithium polymer battery icon with infinite symbol on

Lithium polymer battery

Having been around for about a decade, it is proven that Sonata Hybrid’s lithium polymer batteries are safe. Plus, they are light and long-lasting.
Full view of hybrid system

Hybrid system

The driving performance is enhanced even further by working together precisely with regenerative braking system, traction motor, lithium polymer battery and hybrid engine.
Passenger space view

Passenger space

Upgraded passenger space with the capacity of whopping 3,007 liters, has lowered the driver's seat height and increased the backseat headroom and legroom, all to ensure the most stable driving posture and comfortable ride.
Luggage space with door opened

Luggage space

By relocating the battery to the tire well, Sonata Hybrid has upgraded the luggage capacity to 380 liters.
  • Luggage capacity figures are based on SAE standards.
Full view of interior

Human machine interface (HMI)

T-shaped center fascia enables you to perceive hybrid related information intuitively and switches designed with Human machine interface (HMI) offers enhanced convenience in operation.


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