Silver color Sonata Hybrid is placed inside of a building with unique design


Meet a whole new standard
for hybrid performance


Infographic of 2.0 GDi hybrid engine performance

2.0 GDi hybrid engine

The power and performance generated from outstanding fuel efficiency of 4.7 liters / 100 km, maximum output of 156 ps at 6,000 rpm, and torque of 19.3 kg∙m at 5,000 rpm set new standards for a hybrid vehicle engine.
  • Hybrid systems
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Hybrid engine

Hybrid system

Wasted energy gathered for later use. Sonata Hybrid's advanced regenerative braking system charges the battery whenever the brakes are applied. Also, the car ensures the most economical drive with the world's first parallel hybrid-only engine.
  • Sonata hybrid is about to start the engine

    Start - Traction motor (EV mode)

    At the "start" level, the system is ready to go.
    The hybrid engine is poised to start at your command.
  • Sonata hybrid is driving on the road with low speed

    Low speed - Traction motor (EV mode)

    When running at low torque, only the traction motor is operated.
    That means zero fuel consumption and hybrid engine noise.
  • Sonata hybrid is about to accelerate

    Accelerate - Hybrid engine + Traction motor

    When you need to accelerate, the hybrid engine is automatically started.
    Efficient hybrid engine and traction motor use let you save fuel.
  • Sonata hybrid is driving uphill

    Accelerate & Climb - Hybrid engine + Traction motor

    Approaching an incline? No problem. The hybrid engine and traction motor provide torque and power for a stress-free climb.
  • Sonata hybrid is on steady driving

    Cruise - Hybrid engine + Traction motor

    In cruise mode, the vehicle runs on either the hybrid engine or the traction motor. When battery is low, the recharging begins.
  • Sonata hybrid is driving downhill

    Decelerate - Recharging

    In deceleration mode, the hybrid engine stops. And the regenerative braking system harnesses the energy created when braking to recharge the battery.
  • Sonata hybrid stopped on the road

    Stationary - Hybrid engine hold

    When you're at a stop or a traffic light, both the hybrid engine and traction motor completely stop.
    That means no fuel consumption and no emissions.
    Note that the hybrid engine runs to recharge when battery level is low.

Lithium polymer battery

Lithium polymer battery

For efficient and safe electrical energy management, a compact, powerful and long lasting 270 V lithium polymer battery is installed. The battery, being relocated to the tire well, renders the car's luggage compartment more space.
6-speed automatic transmission

6-speed automatic transmission

Smooth 6-speed automatic transmission device is attached to a clutch separating the hybrid engine and traction motor.
Integrated driving mode system

Integrated driving mode system

Drive mode system has different driving types-normal, sports, and eco-depending on the steering feel you require and to suit different driving conditions.

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