Silver color Sonata Hybrid is placed inside of a building with unique design


The fact you drive sonata hybrid
Means you care about safety


The fact you drive sonata hybrid
means you care about safety
Built to maximize driving pleasure, designed to minimize the risk of accidents in any circumstances.
Sonata Hybrid ensures you both thrilling and safe ride.
  • Blind spot detection (BSD)

    The Blind spot detection (BSD) system on the rear bumper detects objects in your blind spot
    and alerts you when vehicles enter the blind spot by illuminating a warning light on the side
    view mirror.

    BSD image
  • Electronic stability control (ESC)

    Electronic stability control (ESC) detects and reduces loss of traction to improve the vehicle’s
    stability. It sensibly understands the driver’s desired course of direction and guides the vehicle
    according to the intention. It is particularly effective in stabilizing movement of the car when
    skidding in sudden turns.

    ESC image
  • Hill-start assist control (HAC)

    Peace of mind up on the hill. While stopped on a slope, the Hill-start assist control (HAC)
    prevents the car from rolling back when you step off the brake to ascend the slope.

    HAC image
  • Static bending lights (SBL)

    Static bending lights (SBL) operate when the steering wheel is rotated to make a turn at night. By
    projecting more light on the road ahead, the system ensures wider visibility and safer cornering.

    SBL image
  • BSD
  • ESC
  • HAC
  • SBL
  • END
Two silhouette of people standing next to front view of silver Sonata Hybrid

Virtual hybrid engine sound system (VESS)

Sorry to be too quiet. Because the hybrid engine is so noiseless, there was a need for a virtual engine sound that sounds like a conventional engine in order to let the pedestrians know that a car is approaching.
Top view of 6-airbag system simulated

6-airbag system

Properly prepared for collisions from every angle. Sonata Hybrid promises your safety with a 6-airbag system that includes driver and passenger airbags, front side airbags and front and rear curtain airbags.
Traction control system illustrated on the front wheel

Traction control system (TCS)

Traction control system (TCS) reduces wheel spin to prevent the wheels from losing traction on wet and slippery roads and helps the car maintain stability and control when accelerating.
Active headrests illustrated

Active headrests

The safety features are truly everywhere. Active headrests help reduce the chance of whiplash in a rear-end collision.
Electric parking brake buttons

Electric parking brake (EPB)

The electric parking brake operates with simple button control for excellent parking convenience.

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