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Payment Protection Program

If the owner of a Hyundai IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, STARGAZER, STARGAZER X, or CRETA experiences a traffic accident that results in permanent physical disability and the inability to work or earn an income.


1. Applies to retail sales of Hyundai IONIQ 5, IONIQ 6, STARGAZER, STARGAZER X, or CRETA models using Hyundai Finance financing partners (Maybank Finance, MTF, Bank Shinhan Indonesia, SKBF).
2. This guarantee is valid for 1 year after the vehicle handover date to the customer.
3. The insured party under this program is the individual registered as the debtor in the contract with Hyundai Finance.
4. This guarantee does not apply to purchases made in the name of a business entity or company.
5. Customers must report the accident to the Hyundai call center within a maximum of 30 days after the date of the accident..
6. The conditions of the insured party who is entitled to receive the guarantee under this program if involved in a traffic accident on their STARGAZER, STARGAZER X, or CRETA unit that results in permanent physical disability (disability), including:
• Loss of vision.
• Loss of both hands.
• Loss of both legs.
• Disability that causes the customer to lose the ability to work (earn a living)
• The waiting period for evaluation of the medical condition of the customer submitting the claim is 180 days after the claim is received.
7. Each customer must submit the following documents when claiming this program:
• Traffic accident report from the police station.
• Letter of diagnosis from a doctor at the hospital treating the customer.
• Copy of the financing contract with Hyundai Finance partners.
8. Things that can void the guarantee under this program, including:
• The vehicle has been sold to another party.
• Vehicles used for rental purposes.
• Accidents caused by the driver violating the rules.
9. Hyundai Motor Indonesia reserves the right to reject claim submissions for this guarantee program if they do not comply with the regulations.

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