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Hyundai Motor Company is launching ‘Hyundai Continue’, a project that encompasses all CSV activities carried out in major regions around the world. Here is a detailed description of Hyundai Continue, a new global Creating Shared Value (CSV) project that reflects Hyundai Motor's aim for a sustainable future.

Human life has developed dramatically through the three industrial revolutions. However, there is one thing we overlooked in this process - Mother Nature. The more convenient our lives, the sicker the earth became. As energy consumed, the Earth's surface temperature continued to rise, and natural disasters caused by extreme weather began to increase; And it is getting worse. A revolution for our convenience is returning as a threat to us.

Hyundai Continue is a Creating Shared Value (CSV) activity that creates new value by satisfying the interests of consumers, local communities, and the company, away from the current method of returning a portion of profits to society. ‘Progress for Humanity’ is a project that integrates CSV activities currently in progress or scheduled to be conducted in major regions around the world for more active and systematic CSV activities. Here are the details of the Hyundai Continue for the sustainable development of both the environment and humanity.

Hyundai Motor Promotes Waste Recycling and Circular Ecosystem in Indonesia through ‘Hyundai Continue’ Initiative

The first Hyundai Continue project in Indonesia, which began earlier in 2022, which is an eco-village creation project — the first of its kind implemented in Indonesia and one of the key plans of the Bekasi Regency government in West Java.

Then the second Hyundai Continue project in Indonesia is emphasizing the collection and upcycling of plastic waste in northern and southern Jakarta. Addressing waste disposal concerns, this initiative involves the installation of Hyundai Continue plastic collection boxes at 15 public schools and other public areas. Alongside, it includes educating local children, teenagers, and families on environmental basics, aiming to produce marketable goods from upcycled plastic waste.

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Simultaneously, Hyundai Continue project, initiated focuses on converting livestock manure into biogas to generate electricity in Lampung Regency, Sumatra. This endeavor aims to enhance the local environment by managing waste, generate employment opportunities for infrastructure operation, convert waste into biogas for facility restarts, and repurpose it into solid fuel as agricultural fertilizer.

Through these and future CSV projects, Hyundai Motor will continue to promote a circular economy with a focus on the core tenets of the Hyundai Continue initiative and play an important role and further reflect our aim to help create a sustainable future in Indonesia.

Ease up the challenging moments together

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    Build The Future of Indonesia Education, HMMI Launch Hyundai Academy Course

    PT Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia launch a series of Hyundai Academy Course programs. Hyundai Academy Course aims to build and improve the quality of Vocational High School (SMK) students through various contributions. Various program for educational world are held, includes educational classes, scholarships, cars, machine, and also school furniture donations.

  • Ioniq Electric Mobility for COVID-19 Health Workers

    Ioniq Electric Mobility for COVID-19 Health Workers

    As health workers are carrying out an important role under difficult circumstances, it is essential to ease the mobility of health workers in the decreased capacity and availability of public transport due to the Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). Hyundai supports three COVID-19 referral hospital by providing IONIQ Electric as the transporter for health workers.

  • COVID-19 Drive-Thru Test in Bandung and Bekasi

    COVID-19 Drive-Thru Test in Bandung and Bekasi

    To flatten the curve of Coronavirus spread in Indonesia during the pandemic times, it is crucial to practice social distancing, hence the government implement Large-Scale Social Distancing Policy (PSBB) policy. Hyundai installed drive-thru spots in Bandung and Bekasi so people in the area can be tested directly from their own vehicle to maintain the distance.