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    Connect with your car.

Hyundai CRETA, STARGAZER, STARGAZER X, PALISADE, SANTA FE, IONIQ 5 and the all-new KONA Electric has been equipped with Hyundai Bluelink
connectivity technology , a platform that eases your way to check important information about your car. It will connect you with the Hyundai call center
7 x 24 hours in the event of an emergency to provide you with immediate assistance.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Your Safety is Our Priority

ACN (Auto Collision Notification)
When the airbag is deployed due to collision with something while driving, your location and vehicle information is automatically transferred to the Hyundai Bluelink call center. An operator from Bluelink call center will be on the line soon to attempt voice communication and assess your emergency.

SOS / Emergency Assistance
In the event of an emergency, you can request emergency assistance to Hyundai bluelink call center by pressing the dedicated SOS button in overhead console in your Hyundai vehicle. for using SOS emergency assistance, press the dedicated SOS button and a trained Bluelink operator will come on the line and ask about nature of the emergency and then dispatch the appropriate emergency assistance to your location.

RSA (Road Side Assistance)
Now you will not be left stranded due to a car breakdown in a deserted place. Road Side Assistance (RSA) will help you notify Bluelink call center, which will immediately get in touch with you and dispatch urgent assistance. Hyundai Bluelink call center operator will provide you with the nearest location of the Hyundai service center, or send a tow truck to your location when your car breaks down.

Stolen Vehicle Notification
If an unauthorized person enters your car, you will be immediately notified through Hyundai Bluelink app.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking
Your car was stolen? in the unfortunate event of car theft, the Hyundai Bluelink call center will assist you in finding your car by tracking it. Hyundai Bluelink call center provides you with the real-time location and driving route of stolen vehicle to effectively support theft tracking after the vehicle owner identification procedure.

Stolen Vehicle Immobilization
Hyundai Bluelink call center can provides you with your car's exact location and immobilize the engine until its recovered. in the event your vehicle is reported stolen to Bluelink call center, you may elect to utilize this feature to completely turn off the engine once the vehicle has been stopped with the help of call center. this will prevent the vehicle from being restarted until the owner has arrived on the scene.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Remote Engine Start/Stop & Remote Climate Control
Turn the car engine on or off via the Bluelink application on your smartphone. You can set the engine to start and set the temperature control for 2-10 minutes before you get into the car.

Remote Door Lock/Unlock
You can open/lock the car doors remotely via the Hyundai Bluelink application

Remote Light & Light – Horn Control
You can spot your car by using Hyundai Bluelink to flash the hazard lamps and blow the horn for 30 second.

Find my Car
If you are confused and forget your car's parking position, Hyundai Bluelink can show your car's position via the map in the application. Positions will be updated every 10 minutes.

Remote Open & Close Window
You can remotely open or close window through Bluelink app.

Remote Window Ventilation
You can activate window ventilation mode through Bluelink app.

Remote Start & Stop Climate Control
Allows you to precondition your car whenever you want. Just set up a target temperature and start remote climate control. For your convenience, you can also activate the windscreen defogger, side mirror heating, rear window heating, and set the temperature of passenger or driver seat.

Remote Open & Close Charging Door
Allows you to remotely open or close your charging door port through Bluelink app.

Remote Start & Stop Charging
Remote charging allows you to remotely start or stop your charging. To use remote charging just tap start or stop charging on Bluelink app. Remote stop charging is possible during any charging sessions.

Set Schedule Charging & Climate Control
This convenience feature allows you to set up a charging schedule tailored to your needs. On top of this, you can set up a target temperature for the beginning of your next trip.

EV Service
EV Service provides you information about the performance of your EV vehicle and helps you optimize and increase the efficiency of using your EV vehicle through:
- Set Charging Limit
Charging will end when the defined charge limit is reached
- Energy Consumption
Provides energy consumption statistics, driving distance, and driving history
- Charging Completion Alarm
You can set the alarm notification period to be sent in 10, 20, or 30 minutes before charging is complete

Send to Car
The Bluelink app allows you to search for destinations while you are on your sofa. Bluelink then syncs with your navigation system, loading the route so that it is ready to go when you are. Simply get in and press go.

Last Mile Navigation
You might have to park your car somewhere before you reach your actual destination. If you are within 200m up to 2km, you can hand over the navigation from your car to the Bluelink app. Your smartphone will then guide you exactly to where you want to go.

User Profile Setting
The Bluelink user profile allows you to save various vehicle settings in your Bluelink cloud and apply them to different vehicles. To set up your user profile, follow the instructions in your Infotainment system and link your profile with your Bluelink account. You can set up two profiles per vehicle plus one guest profile.
You can use this feature where two or more drivers use the same vehicle but prefer different settings for sound, language or map view.
Here is a list of various items that can be stored for driver/user profile:
- Profile picture
- Phone connection
- Bluetooth settings
- Date and time settings
- General settings
- Sound settings
- Display settings
- Voice command settings
- Radio settings
- Vehicle settings
- Navigation settings
All these settings can be exported via Bluelink to another vehicle. If a friend is using your vehicle temporarily, you can use a guest profile.

All features may vary depending on vehicle model and trim type.

Ensure Proper Health of Your Car

Ensure Proper Health of Your Car

Manual & Automatic Diagnostic Report
Customer receive critical diagnostic alerts of vehicle for timely customer action.

Driving Information and Vehicle Health Report
Customer receive vehicle health report to be displayed on hyundai Bluelink app.

Vehicle status check / Notification
Customer can check the vehicle status remotely from Hyundai Bluelink app as like Engine on/off, AC on/off, Door lock/unlock, Horn and trunk open/close, Tyer pressure status, Fuel level information. Include in vehicle status notification, if the door in not locked after the engine is turned off, Bluelink app push notifies the customer that the door is not locked.

Battery charging status
Battery charging status provides the following information in your Bluelink app:
- Charging port connection status
- Battery level
- Scheduled charging status
- Scheduled climate control status

All features may vary depending on vehicle model and trim type.

Round-the-clock Security for Your Car

Round-the-clock Security for Your Car

Geo-Fence Notification
Customer gets a notification in case vehicle enters/exits the restricted area defined in Hyundai Bluelink app.

Speed Notification
Customer gets a notification if the vehicle speed exceeds the defined speed limit in Hyundai Bluelink app.

Time Fence Notification
Customer gets a notification of the vehicle driven during the restricted time set in Hyundai Bluelink app.

Valet Mode
In Valet Mode, Customer gets notification in case the vehicle violates the valet alert parameters defined in the Bluelink app. Valet mode start time, parking complete time (engine off time), driving distance/time, max velocity, GPS information can be seen in Bluelink app. Rear camera, Emergency call (SOS), and some services are operated during Valet mode.


Question 1 – What is Hyundai Bluelink?
Bluelink is a dynamic and innovative connected car solution that combines safety and remote functionality into a complete package. It helps simplify the life of Hyundai owners and offers convenience at the push of a button!

Question 2 – I just purchased a brand new Hyundai vehicle. Do I need to pay to enroll in Bluelink?
No, you do not need to pay to enroll Bluelink services as you receive 3 years of complimentary Bluelink services with the purchase of a new Hyundai vehicle. After the free 3 years trial period, if you wish to continue with your Bluelink services, charges may apply.

Question 3 – How can I enroll Bluelink service?
Bluelink can be enrolled either through your in-car infortainment system or through the smartphone app. Enrollment through the infortainment system is simple and quick but will be offered with only a limited range of services due to privacy and safety issues. To use all services, customer will need to enroll through the Bluelink App. Services offered after enrollment through infortainment will be Auto Crash Notification, RSA, SOS, services directly related to the drivers safety.

Question 4 – How can I enroll through the infortainment?

  1. Click ' Service Activation' button from Bluelink menu in the infortainment system.

  2. Click 'Agree' on the Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy.

  3. Bluelink services are now activated. Now your vehicle is CONNECTED. To enjoy the full range of services, please enroll through the Bluelink Smartphone app.

Question 5 – How can I enroll through the Bluelink Smartphone App?

  1. Download 'Bluelink' App from the app store (Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore).

  2. Create an account.

    • Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.

    • Create a new account by entering your e-mail address, a verification link was sent to your e-mail address.

    • Verify your e-mail address.

    • Create your password, entering your name and date of birth. Tap sign up to continue the process.

    • Entering the phone number and captcha code, verify your phone number by inputting the verification code.

    • Set up a PIN number for approving remote features in the Bluelink app.

  3. Add Vehicle on Bluelink App

    • Tap Add to add a vehicle on the Vehicle Selection page

    • Agree the Bluelink Term & Conditions & Privacy Policy

    • Scan the QR code in the vehicle or Enter VIN (you can access Bluelink QR Code by accessing the Bluelink menu and tap Modem Information on your vehicle). After scanning the QR code, enter the verification code on your vehicle.

    • Your vehicle information will appear on the Bluelink app, tap select vehicle to navigate to your Bluelink app Home screen.

Note: To complete this process, ensure you have physical access to your vehicle and the vehicle is parked in a location with good mobile network coverage.

Question 6 – I bought a used car. Can I use Bluelink?
Yes of course. Bluelink is offered to anyone if your vehicle is still in the warranty period or with an active Bluelink subscription, no matter if you're the first or second owner of the vehicle. If your vehicle is not enrolled to the previous owner, you could enroll Bluelink through phone app and vehicle. If your vehicle is still enrolled to the previous owner, you need to call the call center (0 800 1 878 878) and request to unenroll the previous owner. Upon verification of your ownership, the call center agent will make your car ready to enroll for Bluelink services. Services will be available until the expiration of the vehicle warranty or the subscription period. Charges may apply post the expiration of services.

Question 7 – Where can I find my VIN number?
Your vehicle VIN information is available in your infortainment system. Go to Bluelink Menu from Home screen, Bluelink Settings and then modem settings. Here you can fiind the 17-digit VIN number.

Question 8 – I want to discontinue with the Bluelink services.
If you wish to discontinue with the Bluelink services, you can terminate your account from Account Settings menu in the Bluelink app. Considering safety, you will be requested to contact our call center and upon confirmation of your ownership your service will be discontinued.

Question 9 – What should I do before selling my vehicle?
When transferring the vehicle ownership, we recommend you to un-enroll the Bluelink service. Please call the Bluelink Call Center to assist you with Un-enrollment.

Question 10 – How do I change my password?
You can change your password from Account Settings menu in the Bluelink App.

Question 11 – Can I share Bluelink app with others?
The vehicle owner, master user of Bluelink app can give the authority to others in order to use the Bluelink services. From Vehicle Selection Page in the Bluelink app, Tap on share under the car which you want to share and then enter the mobile number of sharing user and create a sharing pin code. Share this pin code with the sharing user. Now the sharing user will be notified about the access sharing and if he enters same sharing pin code, then he will be able to share the Bluelink app with you.

Question 12 – How do I change my phone number associated to my account?
You can change your phone number Account Settings menu in the Bluelink App. Tap on Account Reset and then you will be logged out. Now you will be asked to Re-login and after login, you will be asked to enter your new mobile number and verify with a one-time verification code.

Question 13 – I am unable to receive GPS information. What should I do?
Check whether your vehicle is parked in areas where the GPS reception is poor such as underground parking lots, between multi-storied building etc., Move your vehicle to a location with good GPS reception and all functions will operate normally. If the satellite reception is poor even in the open area, please visit your nearest service center.

Question 14 – What features can I use with my Bluelink Mobile App?
Once your vehicle is enrolled with Bluelink services, you will be able to utilize remote control features like Remote Engine and AC Start, your vehicle status, know the exact location of your vehicle, your past trips information, have a comprehensive report on your vehicle's health.

Question 15 – How do I cool or warm my vehicle's interior using Bluelink?
To cool or warm your vehicle cabin with Bluelink app, just perform the remote engine and AC start operation and you will be asked to set the required temperature. Then your vehicle will be started with your desired temperature settings.

Question 16 – What is Find My Car and how to you use this feature on my mobile app?
Find My Car allows you to find your vehicle location. just tap on find My Car icon on the home screen of the Bluelink app and enter your 4 digit PIN. Then your vehicle location will be popped up on the screen. Now tap on the vehicle icon, you will be able to see the Parking location.

Question 17 – What is the Bluelink Vehicle Health Report?
The Vehicle Health Report contains a comprehensive diagnosis information of your vehicle which will help you to maintain your car in a good condition for longer run life.

Question 18 – What is RSA?
In the events like flat tire, engine breakdown, jump start required, low one fuel etc., Bluelink Roadside Assistance helps you to connect with our Customer Care agent who assists you and dispatches a roadside assistance team to your vehicle location if required. To access RSA from your vehicle, tap on Bluelink button on the overhead console lamp.

Question 19 – What does the two buttons on my car's overhead console lamp do?
SOS button will connect you with the customer care agent and you can request for emergency services like Police or ambulance. Bluelink button is Road side assistance (RSA) button. It connects you with the customer care agent and you can request for assistance in the events of Vehicle Breakdown.

Question 20 – Why does the remote engine start feature not work sometimes?
For Remote Engine Start to work successfully, please make sure that the below conditions are met. For Auto Transmission vehicle, the Gear Shift Level must be in P (Park) Position and all the doors including hood and trunk must be closed and locked. For manual transmission, the Gear Shift Lever should be in N (Neutral) position. Vehicle battery level should be at optimal level for engine to start. Remote Engine start possible only after 30 seconds of ignition off and all doors including hood and trunk are closed and locked, it’s been less than 7 days since your vehicle’s last ignition OFF and the vehicle is located in an open area with optimal mobile network coverage. Please refer to the owner’s manual for more details.

Question 21 – What do I do if I forget or want to update my PIN?
You can update your PIN from Account Settings screen in the Bluelink smartphone app. Tap on Reset PIN and then you will be logged out. Now login with your credentials and now you will be redirected to PIN change page to create a new PIN.

Question 22 – Where can I find the status of my subscription?
You can find your current subscription status from Vehicle & Service Settings screen in the Bluelink smartphone app.

Question 23 – What happens after my subscription expires?
After your subscription period expires you can renew your Bluelink subscription through the Bluelink app. Extra charges will be applied.

Question 24 – What is Remote Engine Start and how does it work?
Remote Engine and AC Start allows you to start your vehicle's engine remotely from your home at your convenience. Remote Engine and AC start includes in car climate settings like temperature, front window defrost, rear window heater. All this is possible with your Bluelink Mobile App. The following conditions must be met for a vehicle to be started remotely:

  • All the Vehicle doors including trunk and hood must be closed and locked.

  • Gear shift lever must be in 'P' position.

  • Key fob cannot be in vehicle.

  • Brake pedal should not be in pressed position.

  • It's been more than 30 seconds since you locked your vehicle.

  • It's been less than 7 days since vehicle's last ignition off and the vehicle is located in an open area with good mobile network reception.

Please use the Remote Engine Start and Remote Horn & Light features in accordance with any local laws, rules or ordinances in effect at your vehicle’s location.

Question 25 – Which Smartphone do support with my Bluelink App?
You can find this information in the Hyundai Website.

Question 26 – Why sometimes it takes long time to acknowledge remote engine start command?
Sometimes it might a long time to acknowledge your remote engine and AC start command. Usually, to avoid any battery discharge, your vehicle will be in a state of sleep. Therefore, when an Engine Start command is given, a wake up message is sent to the vehicle and it takes a little time for the vehicle to boot up and acknowledge the Engine Start command.

Question 27 – Why is IONIQ 5 not provided with Remote Engine Start/Stop?
Electric vehicles (EVs) do not have a remote engine start feature because they don't have traditional engines that need to be started. Instead, EVs use electric motors to power the vehicle.
However, EVs do offer remote start features that allow the driver to turn on the climate control system before entering the car. This is because the climate control systems in EVs use electric power, and can be turned on remotely to pre-condition the interior of the car before driving.

Question 28 – What is Start/Stop Climate Control and how do I cool or warm my vehicle’s interior using Bluelink?
On warmer days, the Remote Climate Control can cool the cabin before you drive. In IONIQ 5 the temperature setting of the vehicle's cabin is carried out without turn on the vehicle's.

Question 29 – What is Start/Stop Charging?
You can control your IONIQ 5's charging remotely while it is plugged into an external power source.

Question 30 –What is Open/Close Charging Door?
You can open or close the IONIQ 5 charging port door through the Bluelink app.

Question 31 – What is EV Service?
This menu makes it easy for you to manage charging and consumption of energy use in your IONIQ 5 including :

  • Set the charging limit

  • Check the energy consumption of the vehicle.

  • Get notification for charging status after charging is complete

Question 32 – What is Personal calendar?
You can display personal calendar information on the application and Infotainment System once user profile setting has beet set.

Question 33 –What is Set Schedule?
IONIQ 5 user could set the scheduled charging or climate control through the Bluelink app. Set departure time have to be set first before set the scheduled charging.

Question 34 – What is Send to Car?
IONIQ 5 users can send the location of their driving destination to the Infotainment System after setting the destination via the Bluelink application.

Question 35 – What is Distance to Empty (DTE)?
This information calculates the approximate distance you can drive given the amount of fuel remaining or the amount of battery level remaining in an EV vehicle.