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Future Mobility

Hyundai is more than a car.
We are committed to leading the future of mobility in Indonesia with cars that are shared, connected, and clean.
We are a provider that understands your need to share and to connect. Not only for the present but also for the future – creating a cleaner world, today and tomorrow. We are striving to provide freedom of movement to everyone by investing in mobility services, becoming a Smart Mobility Solutions Provider.
Hyundai has a vision for urban mobility and creating human-centered future cities. To realize this vision, Hyundai identifies what truly matters in cities and in people’s lives. Under the new roadmap, Strategy 2025, the company will foster Smart Mobility Device and Smart Mobility Service as two core business pillars, and the synergy between the two pillars is expected to facilitate the company’s transition into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider.
The Smart Mobility Device business will supply products optimized for the services and lay the groundwork to help foster the service business. On the other hand, the Smart Mobility Service business will provide personalized contents and services on the devices to help secure a broader customer base.

Smart Mobility Solution

Smart Mobility Solution
  • The Future is Now! In future cities, traffic will be so complex. As more people move and live in the cities, congestion continues to worsen. The appeal of alternative mobility solutions is expected to rise and able to ease the needs of the community. Hyundai’s plans for Smart Mobility Device include a wide range of product groups beyond automobiles and will reinforce its manufacturing capabilities to build products that offer customers a seamless mobility experience.

Hyundai Urban Air Mobility Concept (UAM)

Hyundai Urban Air Mobility Concept (UAM)
  • To accelerate transition into Smart Mobility Solution Provider, Hyundai presents Urban Air Mobility(UAM), called the S-A1 to free future cities and people from constraints of time and space and allow them to create more value in their lives. The UAM was developed in partnership with Uber Elevate, where it connects the sky and the ground.
    This compact aircraft much like a quadcopter drone equipped with vertical take-off and landing capabilities, which keeps the craft quieter than a traditional helicopter, a combination that Hyundai and Uber think make it ideal for use in urban areas.

The Hub and the Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV)

Technology for a Better Life

H-MEX, The Wearable Robot

Hyundai believes everyone should have the right to move, no matter our limitations, in the future. Hyundai wearable robotics are designed to offer users a better quality of life that were based on the philosophy of “Technology development for humans”. It communicates and coexist with humans, and are differentiated through in-house development. H-MEX is a robotics technology that enables not only the elders but also paraplegics to walk and climb steps."

Hyundai Electric Scooter

From cars to electric scooters, Hyundai believes in improving our freedom in mobility for the future. Hyundai electric scooter makes first- and last-mile commuting a joy, while helping to reduce congestion and emissions in city centers. Hyundai aims to make great vehicles to getting you right to your exact destination. The Personal Electric Scooter fits neatly into compartments within our vehicles and is wirelessly charged via the vehicle, so that you can simply park, unfold and ride.

Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle

Hyundai plans for the future is to make the world a better place for humanity. By providing advanced mobility solutions and designing more cars operating on sustainable energy, Hyundai aims to upgrade the quality of people’s lives. The fuel-cell electric vehicle will take a firm stand on Hyundai leadership in clean mobility for the future.

Shared Mobility

Hyundai has announced a parthership with Grab Indonesia. This strategic investment will enable both Hyundai and Grab Indonesia to build eco-friendly mobility solution and competency for leading the future mobility in Indonesia. As the early stage of the partnership, Hyundai IONIQ full electric has officially operate in Jakarta on January 2020.