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    IONIQ 5

The Image may differ from the actual product.

Hyundai is in progress to achieve
carbon neutrality by 2045.

Hyundai bluelink

Charging flexibly.

Drive the IONIQ 5 with confidence. Connect the IONIQ 5 into a standard wall socket with its portable charger. Furthermore, the IONIQ 5 supports charging to 80% in just +/- 18 minutes*.


Vehicle to Load (V2L).

The V2L technology enables the IONIQ 5 to function as a 3.6 kW power supply for electronic devices, significantly increase your convenience and comfort when traveling.


  • *Picture above is for illustration only, the table and electronic equipment are for complementary properties only.

Additional Warranty

Connect with your car.

IONIQ 5 telah dilengkapi dengan teknologi konektivitas Hyundai Bluelink, sebuah platform yang memudahkan pengecekan informasi penting tentang mobil Anda. Terhubung dengan call center Hyundai 7 x 24 jam saat terjadi kondisi darurat untuk segera memberikan Anda bantuan.

Exterior new


Vision Roof