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Bintang baru keluarga

Available in 6 and 7 seat options

Hyundai SmartSense

*Features function as a support system only. Drivers must stay focused and careful while driving.
*Vehicle specifications are subject to change any time.

**BCA monitors your blind-spot while driving. If a car is detected near your car, the LED on the rearview mirror will light up giving a warning. If there is a risk facing the rear side of the vehicle such as while exiting the parallel parking lot (0-3km/hour), the system will work automatically for emergency assistance.

Connect with your car.

Hyundai Bluelink

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Owning a Hyundai is now worry-free since Hyundai offers additional protection for both customers and vehicles through the Owner Assurance Program.

Bintangnya Perlindungan

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