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HMGICS Experience

Ignite your passion, be a game changer

HMGICS experience

HMGICS_IONIQ 5_Rethinking mobility_Hyundai Singapore
Rethinking mobility
Committed to creating a mobility paradigm shift, we are always challenging and experimenting to acccelerate transformation and enrich lives.
HMGICS_IONIQ 5_Reinventing culture_Hyundai Singapore
Reinventing culture
Motivated by collective intelligence, we got rid of the hierarchical corporate environment and built an open and inclusive culture with all hands on deck.
HMGICS_IONIQ 5_Redefining Career_Hyundai Singapore
Redefining career
Established as a Global Open Innovation Hub, the possibilities are endless and so is our career. We reimagined the value of work and redefined roles to keep innovating.

Dare to Dream, Dare to Drive Forward

Steer the path towards change and pave the way for a human centric mobility ecosystem.

Join our team of innovators, challengers and game changers.

We are continuously looking for innovators to join our diverse pool of talented individuals who are passionate to push the boundaries.

Together we will accelerate our innovation efforts to shape a global society for the better and contribute to the progress of humanity.

Whether you are a graduate or an experienced professional, find out more about our teams today, and join us in our journey.

HMGICS_Experience_Business partners_IONIQ 5_Hyundai Singapore
Business Partners Group
Our Business Partners Group provides the necessary support to accelerate our organisation's impact by optimising performance and efficiency in key business areas.

Business Cooperation. Business Planning. Finance. General Affairs. Human Resources. Information Technology. Procurement.
HMGICS_Experience_Manufacturing Innovation_IONIQ 5_Hyundai Singapore
Manufacturing Innovation Group
Our Manufacturing Innovation Group is focused on creating innovative and personalised products which are aligned to the latest market trends and consumer demands.

Intelligent Manufacturing. Production Management. Quality Innovation.
HMGICS_Experience_Sales Innovation Group_IONIQ 5_Hyundai Singapore
Sales Innovation Group
Our Sales Innovation Group is focused on establishing innovative sales channels and services to create an immersive experience for the organisation's valued customers, making the ownership journey a unique one.

Channel & Service. Sales. Product & Marketing.
HMGICS_Experience_Smart Building_Facility Innovation Group_IONIQ 5_Hyundai Singapore
Smart Building & Facility Innovation Group
Our Smart Building & Facility Innovation Group is committed to helping the organisation achieve its sustainable manufacturing goal through green initiatives and the use of 100% renewable energy sources.

Construction. Mechanical & Electrical. Paint Shop. Body Shop.
HMGICS_Experience_Technology Innovation Group_IONIQ 5_Hyundai Singapore
Technology Innovation Group
Our Technology Innovation Group is focused on leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT and Big Data technology to automate and optimise the production process, freeing more time and resources for advance technology development.

AIR Center. Digital Solution Center. META Center. Robotics Center. Technology Accelerator Center.