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HMGICS will drive adoption of innovations across the customer value chain through the concept of ‘M-CHoRD’, a focus on 5 pillars in our quest to fulfill our vision and mission.

Customer-centered approach

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⦁ Offer products and services tailored each individual's diverse needs or lifestyle

⦁ Allowing greater flexibility and automation to meet customer's diverse needs through cell-based production methods like Pull Flexibility System (P-Flex), and a robot-based autonomous logistic system, Hyundai-Autonomous Logistic Operation (HALO).

Human-centered digital transformation

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⦁ Providing a safe & friendly work environment where workers can tackle challenging problems with the help of an advanced work infrastructure. The hub will combine artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and other advanced technologies to create a human-centered smart manufacturing platform.

⦁ Implementing policies that prioritises workers health care (H-Care) and improve efficiencies by implementing smart work management systems (S-Tutor)

Open innovation

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Working and growing together with various stakeholders, including Singapore government agencies, research institutes, and business partners to serve better future mobility lifestyle to Singapore.

Resource Circulation

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⦁ Realising eco-friendly mobility & production: The use of clean and resource-circulating eco-friendly energy protect our environment The sustainable future mobility society is realised through the resource circulation technology.

⦁ Enhancing battery performance with research to recycle waste batteries effectively and expanding the use of CO2-free energy, from solar power to hydrogen-power generation.

Data governed integration

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Maximizing operational efficiency by using data: It seamlessly interconnects with cyber simulation data and a real physical manufacturing, managing quality, facility maintenance, production operation and more.

Data-governed innovation

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Making interconnection between Digital Twin and Real Physical Factory to achieve operational efficiency maximization through various IT solutions (AI, Big data).