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HMGICS_IONIQ 5_EV_Hyundai Singapore

Why Hyundai?

Our Vision

Humanity unites us and makes us stronger.
Humanity accelerates progress by creating innovative solutions to solve global problems.

By believing in the value of humanity, it allows us to strengthen our relationships, feel connected, and get more from life.

HMGICS_IONIQ 5_EV_Hyundai Singapore

Progress for Humanity

Clean mobility

HMGICS_IONIQ 5_EV_Hyundai Singapore

As we slowly shift towards a renewable future, the role of technology and engineering is and will be ever-more crucial.

Realising true progress will require that each of us do right by all and make smart choices every single day, for the betterment of humanity.

Connected mobility

HMGICS_IONIQ 5_EV_Hyundai Singapore

We understand that humans’ most valuable possession stems from their family, home, community and the sense of safety that arise from them. We are here to enable these connections.

Freedom in mobility

HMGICS_IONIQ 5_EV_Hyundai Singapore

We believe progress is only meaningful when connected with a deep sense of humanity.

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Discover your EV

Proudly manufactured in Singapore