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First EV proudly manufactured in Singapore


Up to 0KWh
Up to 0km

* Images and content have been sourced globally and may differ from the final Singapore specifications. HMGICS reserves the right to alter any details of specifications and equipment without notice.



HMIGCS_IONIQ 5_Award_Winner_Hyundai Singapore

⦁ World Car of the Year 2022
⦁ World Electric Vehicle of the Year 2022
⦁ World Car Design of the Year 2022
⦁ UK Car of the Year 2022
⦁ US IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award 2022
⦁ Car and Driver US, EV of the Year 2022
⦁ MotorTrend SUV of the Year 2023
⦁ Good Design Awards, Transportation Category, 2021


Hassle-free EV Ownership

Unlock ultimate freedom with our IONIQ 5 hassle-free EV ownership program.

Personalised EV analytics & battery management

The IONIQ Care+ app analyses your EV usage pattern while driving, charging and parking. It also provides you with the optimal guidance to enhance and sustain your EV battery health.

Integrated access to over 1,500 charging stations

Experience seamless EV charging through the IONIQ Care+ app. Search for nearby charging stations, check real-time charging status and availability, and experience easy payment for selected chargers.

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Start Pre-booking

Pre-book your IONIQ 5 now and enjoy special privileges

Create your greatest moments

Experience unforgettable moments with IONIQ 5. The vehicle fills your daily life with amazing experiences.

Ingenious design that transcends time

The "Parametric Pixel", which adds analogy to the digital pixel, and is the smallest unit of an image, inherits the DNA of the original PONY and was born as a unique design unique to IONIQ 5.

HMIGCS_IONIQ 5_Exterior_Hyundai Singapore


Parametric Pixel

The interplay of Parametric Pixels represents the visual identity of IONIQ 5. ​The Pixel front and back lights form an unmistakable signature for the IONIQ 5. Smart cubic light clusters also illuminate the charging point in IONIQ 5. ​​The design creates analog details that cradle the creativity of digital pixels.

LED Rear Signature Lamp

Headlamps and parametric pixel lamps are also used in the rear to achieve design identity and high quality.

IONIQ 5 EV electric car’s rear LED real combination lamp Hyundai Singapore

Auto-Flush Door Handle

The door handle, which is stored inside the door when parking or driving,​ and automatically pops up when getting in and out of the vehicle, contributes to improved convenience and a clean side styling.

IONIQ 5 EV, electric car’s auto flash door Hyundai Singapore

Vision Roof

The large glass roof covers the entire surface of the roof, bringing a greater sense of openness to the interior.

IONIQ5 vision loop Hyundai Singapore
IONIQ 5 Interior Hyundai Singapore


Live. Drive. Work. Relax.

HMIGCS_IONIQ 5_Smart Living Room_Hyundai Singapore

The Smart Living Room

With the IONIQ 5’s dedicated new E-GMP platform, reimagine interior space that offers a new level of roominess, versatility, convenience and tranquility.

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IONIQ5 V2L Hyundai Singapore

Vehicle-to-Load Technology (V2L)

Plug into a world of possibilities

With the IONIQ 5, you can power any device and charge electronic bicycles, scooters or camping equipment - on the move or at your favourite location with up to 3.6kW of electricity.

While charging, you can enjoy this

Beam projector (for camping)


Enjoy your home theatre in nature.

Electronic scooter


Charge up your favourite electric scooter for a day of fun on cycling paths

​Portable amp


Power up your amp and get to play your beats anytime

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Indoor V2L (Vehicle-to-Load)

Charge your electronic devices like your laptop, mobile phone or drone anytime with the indoor V2L feature under the rear seat.

* V2L function can only used when the vehicles is 20 ~ 100% charged.

IONIQ 5 EV, electric car Charging Hyundai Singapore

Outdoor V2L (Vehicle-to-Load)

Charge a wide selection of electronic devices like a portable amp, electric kettle or air pump outside the vehicle, allowing you to have a peace of mind for any outdoor activities in any situation.

*Requires V2L connector

IONIQ 5 EV, electric car Charging Vehicle to Load Hyundai Singapore

Travel to these destinations with a single charge

IONIQ5 Dempsey Hill Hyundai Singapore

Dempsey Hill, Singapore

19.2km / 4%*

IONIQ5 Jewel Changi Airport Hyundai Singapore

Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore

40.9 km / 8%*

IONIQ5 desaru Hyundai Singapore

Desaru, Malaysia

102 km / 20%*

IONIQ5 Malacca Hyundai Singapore

Malacca, Malaysia

235 km / 47%*

*Based on an estimation. There are other factors can have a direct impact on the distance and battery usage of your electric vehicle. These factors include temperatures, road conditions, speed, driving style, weight of the vehicle and passengers, condition of the battery, climate and conditions of your tyres.

Get going with ultra-fast charging

Equipped with the world's first multi-high speed charging system (400V/800V), which is compatible with a wide range of charging infrastructures. All it takes is five minutes of charging time to get 100km of range*. Ultra-fast charging will recharge a battery from 10% to 80% in about 18 minutes.

*accordingly to WLTP

IONIQ5 egmp Hyundai Singapore

Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP)

Next level electric performance

IONIQ 5 is the first vehicle built on Hyundai’s new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) which enables faster charging, increased driving range, more interior space and better handling.

IONIQ5 Technology Hyundai Singapore


Plugged into your very need

Providing a truly new experience with innovative use of interior space and cutting-edge smart technology.

Remain fully connected with all your favorite things.

ioniq 5

This clever feature essentially turns the windshield into a display screen, by projecting virtual information like turn-by-turn navigation or lane safety warnings directly onto your view of the road. This helps you process information quickly while keeping your eyes and attention on the road.

ioniq 6

There’s high-speed wireless charger port in the Universal Island. It also features a cooling function that prevents smartphone from over heading for additional safety.


Protection for you and all your passengers

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

Stops your car fast, even if you're distracted. FCA alerts you to slowing down or stopped vehicles as well as cyclists and pedestrians in your path, and automatically applies full braking power if you do not react in time.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

When a pattern of fatigue or distraction is identified, the system gets your attention with an alert and pop-up message suggesting a break.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

Senses the vehicle in front and accelerates or decelerates to keep up with the vehicle's speed. This particular function stops when the vehicle in front stops due to traffic confestion, and activates again, while keeping the distance, when the vehicle in front moves.

Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)

Delivering more safety in dense traffic, BCA will warn you and automatically apply the left or right brakes and control the steering when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot and you begin to change lanes.

Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

Helps keep you on the straight and narrow. LKA sends visual and audible alerts if you start drifting out of your lane without signalling and initiates subtle corrective steering assistance to steer you back.

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