• Hyundai Motor Group to share its vision for the city towards under a theme 'Revolutionizing Urban Mobility in the City of the Future'
  • HMGICS, Hyundai Rotem Company, and Motional to jointly participate to share the innovative mobility solutions
  • The parties to envision the smart city, where innovative urban mobility solutions enrich a better and more sustainable city living in Singapore
  • The parties to showcase 'IONIQ 5' electric vehicle, 'Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tram', and 'Robotaxi' autonomous vehicle

SINGAPORE, 2 November 2022
 - Hyundai Motor Group (The Group) today shared its vision for the future smart city, where urban mobility innovations enrich a better and more sustainable and seamless city living at Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition 2022 (SITCE 2022) running from 2-4 of November.

The Group's a global open innovation hub 'Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center in Singapore (HMGICS)', a hydrogen mobility solutions pioneer, 'Hyundai Rotem Company', and an autonomous driving joint venture between the Group and Aptiv, 'Motional' – jointly participated to share the vision for the smart and sustainable city in the future.

Under the theme 'Revolutionizing Urban Mobility in the City of the Future', the Group highlighted its continued contributions to the realization of dreams of humanity through its evolutions of last mile mobility solutions in the smart transport and sustainable mass transport in the city of the future, connecting people with their daily lives with ease and seamless experience.

"We are pleased to participate in the SITCE 2022 for the first time. SITCE is an ideal moment to envision the future smart city towards humanity'. HMGICS will continue to explore smart future mobility innovations and ecosystem by sustainably growing together with Singapore. The variety of HMGICS' unique innovative mobility solutions with advanced technology & innovations showcases our strong commitment to realize this vision", said Hong Bum Jung, Chief Executive Officer of HMGICS.

"It is our great pleasure to attend the SITCE 2022 and present our latest innovation and solutions that enable sustainable mobility. Achieving net zero is a global imperative, and we, as the global rail community, have a responsibility to deliver an innovative, green, and emissions-free rail transport solutions, including those based on hydrogen. As a total solution provider in railway transportation system, we would like to contribute to Singapore public transport which connects people and place by providing robust and sustainable solutions & services with the current contract and future opportunities as long tern partner." states Jeonghoon Kim, Vice President & Head of Rail Solutions Division.

At the exhibition booth, the Group presents how its advanced mobility innovations can evolve and contribute to the sustainable growth in urban city in the future by exhibiting its series of mobility. The booth also features the video screen, where visitors can experience and get a glimpse of the future smart city what the Group is envisioning.

More specifically, HMGICS introduces its unique and special innovative technologies and smart mobility solutions for future-oriented mobility ecosystem and lifestyle through the global award-winning EV 'IONIQ 5' and an EV fast charger 'E-PIT'. HMGICS, the Group's test bed and a global open innovation hub, aims to develop new EV business models, forge innovative partnerships, produce mobility products, and develop the Group's intelligent manufacturing platform to revolutionize the overall mobility value chain.

Hyundai Rotem Company, the group's pioneer for hydrogen society with hydrogen mobility solutions for rails and production infrastructure building, highlights its strong commitment to make clean energy more accessible by displaying the 'Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tram' (small scale model). The hydrogen tram does not emit pollutants other than water and not require electric power supply facilities, while producing enough clean air for 170 adults for every hour when it runs. Hyundai Rotem Company also introduced trains (small scale model) for Singapore's seventh MRT line, the Jurong Region Line, which will have a high energy efficiency with the use of regenerative energy and will be serving both existing and future developments in the western part of Singapore.

And Motional also showcases its autonomous driving technologies by displaying its first commercial autonomous vehicle 'all-electric IONIQ5-based Robotaxi'. The Robotaxi represents the convergence of the two most transformative technologies in mobility: electrification and autonomy. The fusion of these technologies can make transportation smarter, safer, and more sustainable in the future city life.

In addition, Visitors can better understand HMGICS' unique innovations to create an advanced mobility ecosystem that will enrich and revitalise city living with Singapore through advanced technological innovations such as automated and intelligent cell-based production system and customer-centered mobility lifestyle. Visitors can also experience Hyundai Rotem Company's state-of-the-art innovations to revolutionize the mobility landscape and bring the closer to the goal of an eco-friendly society.