Your Hyundai is in best hands here.

Your Hyundai is in best hands here. Our passion for quality knows no limits. That's why we only give our very best in our service to ensure that you can always rely on your Hyundai.

Hyundai Lifetime MapCare™

Hyundai Lifetime MapCare™ With Hyundai Lifetime MapCare™ you can update your map resources every year. The update applies to all Hyundai models with navigation version from 2010 to 10 years following discontinuation. The prerequisite is a factory-installed navigation system and the execution of maintenance in the Hyundai Service.

Hyundai Passion

There is nothing to replace our enthusiasm for Hyundai's vehicles. That's why we always want to offer you the best service for your vehicle and the best support as our customer. To make you enjoy your Hyundai at least as long as your car lasts itself.