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About Hyundai

Progress for Humanity – Leading the way to future mobility.

Driven by our vision of 'Progress for Humanity' – at Hyundai we work relentlessly to make high-quality, environmentally-friendly mobility available for all. The industry is re-inventing itself and we plan to lead this change with: zero-emission vehicles, electrified powertrains, hydrogen fuel cell technology, and smart cities. At Hyundai, we don't just build cars – we are a leader in future mobility.
The Hyundai IONIQ 5 parked in front of a building.


Everything you need to know about electrified vehicles.

We’ve all heard of the advantages: Zero tailpipe emissions. Lightning quick acceleration. Lower CO2 footprint. Tax credits. What about the disadvantages? Our EV guide will help clear up the misconceptions about electric mobility. You’ll find everything you need to know from charging and driving range to emissions and safety.

How often do you need to charge?

Set the bar according to your daily commute and calculate the number of days between charges.


KONA Electric






Just as there is a range of factors that affect the fuel efficiency of an internal combustion engine (ICE), the total electric driving range will be affected by the size of the battery, your driving style, the outside temperature, any passengers you are carrying and more.

    Hyundai's Battery Electric Vehicles line-up: IONIQ 5, KONA Electric and IONIQ.

    Every kind of electrified powertrain.

    We’re the only manufacturer offering every electrified powertrain: electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, fuel cell.

    Mobility and Innovation

    Reinventing future mobility, one innovation at a time.

    While building one of the widest ranges of electrified powertrains on the market, we have transitioned to become a smart mobility solution provider. Our significant investments in the future of mobility range from our vehicles and robotics to smart cities and flying taxis – all powered by hydrogen technology – to ensure universal mobility in the future while supporting an emission-free society.
    Close up of a Hyundai NEXO Fuel Cell Electric Car being fueled with hydrogen.

    Hydrogen – fueling a sustainable future.

    With over 20 years of research into hydrogen technology, we are driving sustainable solutions.
    Boston dynamics Spot and Atlas, facing a Hyundai NEXO.

    Robotics – technology with a heart.

    Hyundai’s robot R&D includes wearable exoskeletons, unmanned vehicles, and all-terrain rovers.

    Driving Hyundai.

    Everything about owning and driving a Hyundai.

    We’re here to make it easy for you. Find everything you need to know about owning and driving a Hyundai. From purchasing, warranty and service to accessories, Bluelink Connected Car Services and emissions.