Why Hyundai Service?

No matter what your vehicle needs - your first stop is always the Hyundai Quality Service. Whether it's an inspection, maintenance or simply a consultation - our experts take care of everything your Hyundai needs.

General Inspection (GI).

Always bring your Hyundai to us for a pre-check before every General Inspection (GI). In our pre-check, we inspect all the essential systems and functions of your Hyundai to ensure that it passes the General Inspection first time around.
The Service Expert reads out the vehicle data.

You can rely on our expert service.

We want to offer you the highest quality of service. Our Hyundai services are therefore carried out in accordance with strict guidelines in certified quality. So that you can rely on us at any time.

Smartly repaired. Smartly saved.

Whether it's hail damage or small bumps from a shopping trolley – even small dents in your car can be annoying. With Hyundai Smart Repair many of these types of damage can be repaired quickly and cost-efficient.