The future of performance is coming.

Your first look at the IONIQ 5 N.

Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_5_960x600.png Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_5_960x600.png
Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_9_960x600.png Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_9_960x600.png
Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_8_960x600.png Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_8_960x600.png
5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_4_960x600.png 5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_4_960x600.png

Seeing is believing.

Watch the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N and Hyundai i20 N WRC Rally 1 take to Sweden for the ultimate corner rascal test.

Feel the power.

Can you feel the power of IONIQ 5 N echoing in the streets of Seoul? Experience performance without compromise, now electrified.

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Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_7_960x600.png Hyundai_IONIQ-5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_7_960x600.png
5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_3_960x600.png 5N_RYI_Multi_Image_Blade_3_960x600.png


*Overseas model shown throughout. Australian specifications may vary.