Our latest award wins.

Our latest award wins.

A few more for the trophy cabinet.

This year just keeps getting better. We’ve been up on the victory dais another four times recently, to accept top-honours awards from auto-industry heavyweights Drive and Best Cars for the Santa Fe, Kona and i30 N.

2020 Awards

Winner of Best Large SUV category: Santa Fe.

“Santa Fe impressed judges from the outset with its progressive styling, versatility, and generous standard specification, which includes advanced safety and connectivity tech.”

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Winner of Best Small SUV category: Kona.

“The Hyundai Kona is the clear all-round winner in the segment, with a strong mix of style, value and interior flexibility. It encompasses a model grade to suit most tastes including the all-electric variant.”

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Winner of Automotive & Transport category 2020: i30 Fastback N

“The exterior level of refinement, sophistication and sporty feel extends into the interior, which is fully loaded with features and equipment you would not normally see in a vehicle in this class. Value for money is extraordinary.”

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Tucson and Veloster top U.S. quality study.

“Outperforming the very best vehicles in their segments is a testament to the entire company’s dedication to delivering the highest quality vehicles to our customers,” said Barry Ratzlaff, chief customer officer, Hyundai Motor America.

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2019 Awards

Winner of Sports Under $62,000 category: i30 N Performance.

“The Hyundai i30 N was able to fend off the competition for a repeat win – a respectable feat when you look at the quality of the finalists. Back-to-back wins in this segment reinforces the i30 N’s status as a serious contender and not just a flash-in-the-pan winner... The i30 N’s overall user-friendliness and on-road balance delivers the goods for enthusiasts, while Hyundai’s renowned value for money and warranty further enhance its credentials."

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Winner of AWD SUV $55,000-$70,000 category: Santa Fe Highlander.

“The panel were impressed with how Hyundai has built on the positives of its popular predecessor, with larger dimensions in almost all areas, a notable lift in interior space and comfort, and more safety tech. It’s a perfect all-rounder for buyers that need the flexibility of a genuine seven-seater, but who also appreciate an engaging drive experience.”

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Winner of Automotive & Transport category 2019: Kona Electric.

“Hyundai’s innovative EV (Electric Vehicle) established itself as the unanimous best-in-class, from an amazingly innovative field that featured extravagant supercars as well as capable immediate competitors.”

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