Hyundai Premium Roadside Support Plan.

There when you need us.

Whether you've got a flat tyre or misplaced your keys, you can rely on our Premium Roadside Support network to help get you back up and running, 24/7 Australia-wide. Our Premium Roadside Support Plan is available for the Lifetime of your vehicle when you continue to service with us.[H1]

We're on the road with you.

12 months included on your new Hyundai.
Your new Hyundai comes with a Premium Roadside Support Plan for 12 months, available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, right across Australia.[H1]
Additional 12 months each time you service with us.
Every annual scheduled service at a Hyundai Service Centre includes an additional 12 months of Premium Roadside Support.[H1]

What’s included in my Premium Roadside Support Plan?

We've all done it. Locked the keys in the car, run out of fuel, left the headlights on. If you find yourself in a bind while you're on the road, we can get you up and running. Wherever you drive in Australia, Hyundai's Premium Roadside Support will be right there with you with a complete range of services, all designed to give you greater peace of mind. Ts and Cs apply.



In the event that your vehicle can’t be mobilised it will be towed to the nearest Hyundai Dealer or authorised Hyundai Service Centre.


Flat tyre.

If you find yourself on the road with a flat tyre, our team will come out and help change it for you to get you on your way.


Out of fuel.

You will be given enough fuel (not LPG) to get you to the nearest re-fuelling facility or, alternatively, arrange a tow.



If your Hyundai requires transportation to an authorised Hyundai Service Centre, we'll provide you with a taxi fare up to the value of $100.


Locked keys.

Have you locked your keys in the car or misplaced them? Where possible, we will open a locked car or locate and deliver a spare set of keys.


Flat battery.

So you've left the lights on again and run your battery flat. We'll jump-start or replace your battery on the spot.



Repair quoted as taking longer than 24 hours? Premium Roadside Support includes up to 3 nights accommodation to the value of $360 when you’re far from home.


Rental vehicle.

We know being without a car is frustrating, so we'll provide a rental vehicle to the value of $330 across 3 days if the repair on yours takes more than 24 hours when you're far from home.


Vehicle recovery.

If you’re not ready to go home and want to continue on your journey, we’ll take your vehicle where you want it to be.

Common questions.

Your Premium Roadside Support Plan will be automatically activated for 12 months from the date the vehicle was first registered. Each time you return your vehicle to an authorised Hyundai Dealer to perform your scheduled maintenance service, the dealership will renew your Premium Roadside Support Plan for 12 months from the date of service. If you continue to service your vehicle with an authorised Hyundai Dealership, you will receive Premium Roadside Support for the Lifetime of your vehicle.

Yes. If you purchase a secondhand Hyundai, any unused portion of your Premium Roadside Support Plan will be transferred to the new owner of the vehicle. It remains with the vehicle.

It is very important that when ownership changes, any remaining warranty or Premium Roadside Support Plan is transferred to the new owner.

Ownership can be changed in a number of ways, we would recommend registering your details here. Alternatively you can complete the change of details form in your service and warranty passport and send the completed form to us.

Yes. By having your vehicle's annual scheduled service completed at a Hyundai Service Centre, your Premium Roadside Support Plan will be renewed for an additional 12 months from the date the service is completed. This will be available for the Lifetime of your vehicle when you continue to service with us.


Premium Roadside Support Plan

[H1] 12 months included Premium Roadside Support when you buy a new Hyundai vehicle from a participating authorised Hyundai Dealer or direct from Hyundai. For purchases of new IONIQ 5 V.3 and IONIQ 6 vehicles, Hyundai offers 24 months Premium Roadside Support. Premium Roadside Support commences from the date of the vehicle’s warranty commencement. When you have your Hyundai vehicle’s scheduled service at a participating Hyundai Dealer, you will receive 12 months of included Premium Roadside Support from the date of service (or 24 months from the date of service for IONIQ 5 V.3 and IONIQ 6 vehicles). This offer is available for all Hyundai vehicles (excluding rental buyers and taxis). For more information and terms and conditions for Hyundai internal combustion engine vehicles (including hybrid electric vehicles), download PDF. For Hyundai battery electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles, download PDF.