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    HEV Safety Recall

    Hyundai safety recalls - find out if your car is affected.

    Safety recalls

    Hyundai safety recalls - find out if your car is affected.

    Hyundai Sports Styling

    With interior lighting, chrome finishes and door decals our sports styling and N division was created to redefine the way the world views our vehicles.

    Privacy Collection Notice

    Privacy Collection Notice

    Hyundai Motor Group develops world’s first Road Noise Active Noise Control technology.

    Discover Hyundai Australias latest breakthrough - the worlds first Road Noise Active Noise Control technology, changing your driving experience. Click here.

    Benefits of Hyundai servicing online booking

    Experience convenience with our online servicing booking. Explore how it enhances your vehicles longevity and overall performance in Australia.

    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    Replacing your car earlier might actually save you money.

    Discover how replacing your car earlier could save you money on myHyundai News. Explore the hidden advantages of upgrading your vehicle with Hyundai Australia.

    Hyundai Search.

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    Hyundai CarPlan™

    The smarter way to finance your new Hyundai.

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    Hyundai SmartSense™

    Features 6 technologies to assist in alerting you to avoid any dangers around you whilst on the road.

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    Quote and Book a service.

    Experience the conveniences of servicing your Hyundai at your local Hyundai service centre.

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