IONIQ 5 Buyer’s Guide.

IONIQ 5 Buyer’s Guide.

Hyundai Australia is excited to unveil an online and all exclusive release of the all-electric IONIQ 5.

With unprecedented demand remaining high across the country for this award-winning sell-out. We expect that delivery times could take 6 months or more.

If you are successful in securing an IONIQ 5, you will receive confidential, electronic mail communications from our dedicated Head Office Team, who will be your direct line of contact throughout your online buying experience.

We appreciate certain processes still require face-to-face human interaction, which is why Hyundai Australia proudly provides a network of dedicated delivery partners to facilitate several important phases throughout your buying journey, such as test-drives and vehicle handover.

Currently available in major capital cities, you’ll need to select one of the below as your preferred delivery partner when placing an order.

Pennant Hills Hyundai

Paul Wakeling Hyundai

Lennock Hyundai

Essendon Hyundai

Hyundai Hobart Motors

Zupps Hyundai

Gold Coast Hyundai

Stillwell Hyundai

John Hughes Hyundai


1&2 Hyundai takes your privacy seriously. For more information read our Privacy Policy.

3 Placement of a deposit reserves your place in the queue to purchase an Ioniq 5 and is not an order to purchase. Stock availability is not guaranteed. If stock is confirmed, customers will be required to enter into a contract of sale at which time legal obligations arise and the deposit will be applied against the purchase price. Deposit is fully refundable for any reason up until a contract of sale is entered into.