Live loud.

Features that excite.

You’ll need to be comfortable being the centre of attention because the Veloster is definitely no wallflower. Packed with so many standout features, it’ll make other cars want to stand quietly in the corner.

Secret 2+1 hidden door design.

In classic sports-coupe style, the driver side features a long, sweeping single door. But on the kerbside there are two – to make it fast, easy and safe for passengers front and back to get in and out.

Hidden backdoor handle.

One of the original Veloster’s signature design differences has been maintained by once again streamlining the door handle so it forms an ingeniously sleek feature set within the back door’s window frame.

18” diameter rims all-round.

Unique 18-inch alloy wheels are standard across the Veloster range, with the Gloss Black wheels exclusively fitted on the Turbo variant, and the Dark Metal only available with the Turbo Premium variant. 

Centred, twin-tipped muffler.

Embedded within an airflow-enhancing rear diffuser, this chrome-tipped exhaust makes your driving intentions clear to all those about to be left in your wake.
Available on the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants.

Digital performance gauges.

See key driving data like torque, G-force and turbo boost pressure displayed in real time in sharp clarity on the centred touchscreen.
Available on the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants.

Head-Up Display.

Projects your driving information onto a transparent screen in front of you directly above your dashboard so you can keep your eyes focused on the road ahead.
Available on the Turbo Premium variant.

Apple CarPlay™[P1] and Android™ Auto[P2] compatibility.

Play music & podcasts, make & take calls, collect & send messages, and find your way around town as easily as tapping your smartphone – but without tapping your smartphone.

Two-tone roof.

Stand out even more by opting for the Turbo Premium Veloster with Phantom Black roof, rear spoiler and side mirrors.

Cutting-edge exterior design.

With its brash and dynamic design lines, asymmetrical door configuration and bold colour palette, the Veloster brings to the street all the exhilaration, confidence and flair you’d expect from a car well ahead of the style curve.

Rally-inspired interior.

The Veloster’s unique asymmetrical cabin design features a high-tech, driver-focused layout softened by supremely comfortable, 8-way power-adjustable bucket seats with integrated heating and ventilation[H3], plus a leather[H2] racing steering wheel also with built-in heating[H3]. Premium soft-touch materials have been fitted to all surfaces, adorned with funky, motorsport-inspired accents.

Consider us your concierge.

We’ve tried to make sure you find every stage along the road to owning a Veloster a great experience. From flexible financing and tailored insurance cover, to software updates and long-term warranties, we’ll make available everything you could need to get the most out of your car, now and way down the road.

Safety on all sides.

Veloster’s driver-focused technologies[H1] go beyond the realms of pure redline performance to include the seamless integration of some of the most cutting-edge safety systems available today. So you can have all the fun you want, while staying safer than ever before.


Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist.


Smart Cruise Control.


Lane Keeping Assist.


Blind-Spot Collision Warning.


Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning.


High Beam Assist.


Driver Attention Warning.


Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist.

The windshield-mounted camera (plus the front radar sensor on Turbo and Turbo Premium variants with DCT) detects and monitors vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists in front of you. If a potential collision is detected, you’ll receive audible and visual warnings, and your brakes may be applied too.

Smart Cruise Control.

Detects the speed and distance of vehicles ahead of you, and maintains a safe distance from them.
Available on the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants with DCT.

Lane Keeping Assist.

At speeds over 60 km/h, if your Veloster detects it’s straying out of its lane without its indicators being activated, an audible and visual alert will be triggered.

Blind-Spot Collision Warning.

Radar sensors on the rear bumper will alert you to vehicles next to and diagonally behind you, in case you haven’t already spotted them
Available on the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning.

Keeps an eye out for vehicles approaching from either side of you when you’re reversing out of a perpendicular parking space. If it detects them, audible and visual warnings will activate.
Available on the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants.

High Beam Assist.

Scans the road ahead for oncoming headlights, then automatically adjusts your headlamp range, switching between high and low beam as necessary.
Available on the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants.

Driver Attention Warning.

If this system notices that you’re driving erratically, braking suddenly or straying outside your lane, alerts will appear on your screen. Based on how long you’ve been driving, it might also suggest you take a break.

Born to perform.

The Veloster’s powertrain numbers can hit a thumping 150kW of power and 265Nm of torque (up to 275Nm with overboost). Add decisive steering, sure-footed handling and outstanding ride comfort and you’ve got a street racer so enjoyable that getting behind the wheel may become your obsession.

Maximum tech.

Veloster amps up the driving enjoyment factor by integrating all the latest and greatest automotive technology – and then adds loads more. Sweet.

Steering wheel-mounted controls.

We understand your need to stay connected while keeping your hands and eyes where they belong. That’s why you’ll find essential controls such as phone, volume and Cruise Control conveniently and ergonomically positioned at your fingertips.
Overseas model shown.

Infotainment system.

Use the sleek 8” touchscreen as your sat-nav interface, your connectivity interface, your digital radio interface, and so much more.
Available on the Turbo and Turbo Premium variants.

Apple CarPlay™[P1] and Android™ Auto[P2] compatibility.

Play music and podcasts, make calls, take messages and more.

Wireless smartphone charging.[P3]

Leave your cables at home where they belong and charge your smartphone wirelessly using the charging pad in the front centre console.
Available on the Turbo Premium variant.

Head-Up Display.

This advanced display minimises driver distraction by projecting key driving data like your speed, safety alert icons and satellite navigation directions as virtual images onto a glass panel located above the instrument cluster.
Available on the Turbo Premium variant.

Hyundai Owning Benefits.


5 Year Unlimited Km Warranty.[H4]

So go ahead and drive without keeping an eye on the odometer.


Lifetime Service Plan.

Know in advance the maximum cost for each scheduled service.


Roadside Support Plan.

Included for the first 12 months, and extended for 12 more with each successive scheduled service.


Sat Nav Update Plan.

A subscription service that ensures your GPS always plots your course using the most up-to-date maps.

Genuine Veloster Accessories.

Ready to take the next step?

Have you considered?



Comfortable. Luxurious. Sporty.

  • $21,990* - $41,724 D/A
  • Available in 19 options


Way more fun than your car.

  • $26,490* - $44,824 D/A
  • Available in 12 options


The small sedan, reimagined.

  • $21,190* - $38,933 D/A
  • Available in 6 options


Fits in anywhere.

  • $22,690* - $29,735 D/A
  • Available in 7 options


*The Drive-away Price is an average, estimate price which includes the vehicle price Manufacturer List Price (MLP), 12 months registration, compulsory third party insurance (CTP) based on private purchaser with good driving record, an estimated charge for delivery, stamp duty, luxury car tax (if applicable) and options entered. Please note that your actual drive away price may differ from state to state, and on-road costs will vary according to individual circumstances, choice of insurer, options and accessories selected. Accordingly, please contact your local Hyundai Dealer to confirm the price that is specific to you. Hyundai reserves the right to change, supersede or extend all offers at its discretion.

[H1] Hyundai SmartSense™ is a registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company. Safety features are not a substitute for attentive driving.

[H2] Finishes specified as leather may contain elements of genuine leather, polyurethane leather (leather substitute) or man-made materials, or a combination thereof.

[H3] Available on the Turbo Premium variant.

[H4] Hyundai Vehicle Warranty
If the vehicle has been used for private and domestic purposes and is not and has not been previously used for a commercial application, including but not limited to taxi, hire, rental, courier, security, driving school, tour, bus operator or emergency vehicle. Vehicles used at any time for “commercial application”, as defined in the vehicle warranty policy, are excluded. Passenger vehicles that are or have been used for a commercial application are provided with a 5 year/130,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). An iMax that is used or has been used for a commercial application is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). An iLoad is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) regardless of its usage. Commercial application does not include Hyundai Genesis vehicles used for hire/limousine purposes. Refer to full warranty terms and conditions for details and exclusions. Read More.

[P1] Apple CarPlay™ requires iPhone 5© or subsequent model (lightning cable) in order to operate. Apple© and iPhone© are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

[P2] Android™ Auto requires a device with Android 5.0 operating system or subsequent version in order to operate. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google.

[P3] Requires a Qi-enabled smartphone or adapter in order to operate. Roadside Support Plan

Included 12 months Roadside Support when you purchase a new Hyundai passenger vehicle (excluding rental buyers). Further Roadside Support extensions are available, each for 12 months from the date of a scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer (unless vehicle is more than 108 months (9 years) from the original new car sale date, in which case entitlement to Roadside Support ends when vehicle reaches 120 months (10 years) from original new car sale date). To see the full terms and conditions of the Hyundai Roadside Support Plan, please refer to the PDF.

Sat Nav Update Plan

Only applies to new vehicles with factory-fitted satellite navigation. Updates are delivered annually and are included if the vehicle completes a scheduled service at a participating Hyundai dealer. For i30 (PD), i30N (PDeN), IONIQ (AE), Elantra (AD), Veloster (JS), Kona (OS MY19+), Tucson (TL FL), Santa Fe (TM), Venue (QX) and Sonata (DN8). Models with factory-fitted satellite navigation, updates must be undertaken within 10 years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, maximum number of 9 updates. For all other Hyundai’s (excluding i45) updates must be undertaken within 6 years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, maximum number of 5 updates. To see the full terms and conditions, please visit refer to the PDF.

Lifetime Service Plan

For the benefit of Hyundai owners, Hyundai provides online quotes, which specify the maximum price applicable for a vehicle's next scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer and using Hyundai Genuine Parts (where required). Online quotes are available at apply for a stated effective period only and may change after that effective period without notice. Standard scheduled maintenance services are of limited scope. The benefit of online quotes is available for all Hyundai's, for their lifetime. To see the full terms and conditions of the Hyundai Lifetime Service Plan Program, please refer to the PDF.