A Hyundai SUV that’s right for you.

A SUV ready for every adventure.

From rough and rugged terrains to narrow city streets, every SUV we build comes equipped with all the style, technology, performance and safety you could want.

Combine serious off-road capabilities with loads of space and luxury by choosing either the TUCSON, a 5-seat SUV or one of our Grand Utility Vehicles
(GUVs) - the 7-seater SANTA FE or 8-seater PALISADE. While the KONA and VENUE are two of the most customizable small SUV’s with personality you’ll ever have the pleasure of zipping around in.

Choosing won’t be easy, but it will be a lot of fun.

Find the car for you.

VENUE – the compact SUV
Compact outside, yet spacious enough inside for all your future adventures. VENUE is packed with connectivity, technology, safety and head-turning style. Perfectly sized for city-smart driving and parking, yet with split-fold rear seats big enough to bring the fun and excitement.
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KONA – the small SUV
The all-new KONA is imagined to be bold. Hyundai's iconic, urban-centric small SUV has been reimagined to create a bigger, bolder ‘living space’ interior. Inspiring new technology and design create an elevated driving experience that will exceed every expectation.
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TUCSON – the medium SUV
The Hyundai TUCSON sets the category standard with its futuristic technology and luxury. Its inspired innovation and bold styling combine to create a powered up and versatile SUV that transports young families into tomorrow. All up the TUCSON is a truly premium driving experience.
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SANTA FE – the large SUV
The SANTA FE was designed to be different and redefines the family car experience. With a robust yet striking design, expanded interior space, and empowering technology, this 7-seat SUV delivers everything you need to take on the world on your own terms.
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PALISADE – the family SUV
The PALISADE is Hyundai’s largest most spacious SUV ever - featuring a bold, dominant exterior and an innovative, high tech, and luxurious interior. It makes the whole family feel like they are travelling in first class.

SUVs packed with safety.

Hyundai SmartSenseTM[H1] – our suite of leading-edge safety technologies is designed to keep you safe from as many directions as possible. Depending on which Hyundai you buy, you can look forward to a combination of the following innovations:

Smart Park Assist

Imagine if your car not only helped you park - but helped find you a car space? At the touch of a button Smart Park Assist comes alive and uses radars to search for spare spaces, then allows you to drive in and out of spaces hands-free.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Safety Exit Assist

Safe Exit Assist makes it so much safer for rear seat passengers exiting via road-facing doors. If it senses a car approaching from behind it will keep the electronic child safety lock engaged until danger passes. If a rear passenger opens their door as a vehicle approaches it will sound a warning chime and also alert the driver in the cluster.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Surround View Monitor

Imagine how easy parking would be with the help of a 360 degree bird’s eye view of your vehicle on the multimedia touchscreen. High resolution cameras give you a complete picture of your environment for easy parking even in complex situations.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Rear Occupant Alert

To ensure rear seat occupants aren’t left behind, Rear Occupant Alert emits a warning chime and a visual message to “check rear seats” when the driver parks and opens their door. A great reassurance for any parent.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Driver Attention Warning

If you’re driving tired or distracted, this can be a real lifesaver. If the DAW system detects erratic steering, sudden braking or vague lane changing, you’ll get an audio and video driving alert from your instrument cluster. It may even advise you to take a break on a long drive.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Smart Cruise Control with Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence in Hyundai’s Smart Cruise Control learns your personal driving patterns such as preferred inter-vehicle distances and acceleration patterns then delivers your ideal driving style back to you. (It feels like you’re chauffering yourself).

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist

It can be difficult to see oncoming traffic when backing out of a carspace. RCCA’s sensors detect vehicles approaching from both sides and instantly give audible and visual alerts. If necessary, it will automatically brake to avoid an impact.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

High Beam Assist

This courteous and convenient feature scans the road ahead for approaching headlights, then automatically adjusts yours to low beam, then back to high when there’s no oncoming headlights.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Lane Keeping Assist

Accidentally straying from your driving lane can be hazardous -which is why Hyundai’s Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road Edge system is such a reassuring safety feature. Using the windshield mounted camera to detect line markings and road edges the two modes work to monitor your car’s position in the lane, and should you stray without using the indicators, audible and visual warning will activate. LKA will correct your steering back into the lane safely if you fail to react to the warning at speeds over 60kph.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist

Should a car, bike or pedestrian stray in front of you, the radar and windsceen mounted camera will detect they’re too close for comfort and automatically apply the brakes as appropriate to avoid a collision. Like a second set of eyes, this system uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to look out for vehicles in the drivers rear spot. When BCA-R detects a vehicle in those blind spots (including when a driver is exiting out of a parallel kerbside space), it provides visual and audible alerts, and if it detects a potential collision, it initiates active avoidance steering manoeuvres to steer the Santa Fe out of harm's way.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Forward Collison Avoidance Assist

When the car ahead is too close for comfort, Forward Collision Avoidance Assist will alert the driver, and if necessary will apply the brakes to avoid a potential collision. It can even pick up pedestrians walking in front.

Safety features vary depending on model, variant & transmission. Please check specifications or speak to your local Hyundai dealer.

Accessories for any adventure.

Whatever you want to get up to with your SUV, we’ve got the accessories to take your experience to a whole new level. From sensible things like floor mats that keep weekend sand and mud off your carpets, to roof racks so your sports gear can always come with you, every accessory in our range is engineered to fit, match and work with your SUV perfectly. Our genuine accessories range is also backed by 5 years warranty! [H2]

SUVs packed with space.


We’ve always tried to make our vehicles stand out for their award-winning combinations of quality, style, innovation, performance, safety and value. But when it comes to our SUVs, we’ve made extra-sure they have the kinds of specific features families tend to want – like spacious cabins with high rooflines, comfortable seating, clever storage, the best in safety, the latest in connectivity, and enjoyable driveability. But we’ve also put in a few more features they might not have known about but which they’ll find indispensable once they’ve got them.

You can always add more family-friendly practicalities to your SUV with Hyundai Genuine Accessories. For instance, keep your drinks chilled on any adventure with a portable cooler; with 15L capacity there’s room to keep your picnic sandwiches too. And if you have furry family members, you can play it sensible by accessorising your interior with a perfectly fitted, water-resistant and extra durable rear seat pet cover.

We could go on. But getting back to the original question: Are Hyundai SUVs good for families? Yes! They’re so good, in fact, that they were made for them.

KONA, TUCSON, SANTA FE and PALISADE are all available with AWD, depending on the configuration. Please refer to the below table for more information.

Model All-wheel drive availability
  • KONA variant 1.6L T-GDi (petrol) 8-speed Automatic AWD
  • KONA Premium variant 1.6L T-GDi (petrol) 8-speed Automatic AWD
  • Elite variant 1.6L T-GDi (petrol) 7-speed DCT AWD
  • Elite variant 2.0L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed Automatic AWD
  • Highlander variant 1.6L T-GDi (petrol) 7-speed DCT AWD
  • Highlander variant 2.0L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed Automatic AWD
  • SANTA FE variant 2.2L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed DCT AWD
  • Active variant 2.2L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed automatic AWD
  • Elite variant 2.2L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed automatic AWD
  • Elite variant 1.6L T-GDi (hybrid) 6-speed automatic AWD
  • Highlander variant 2.2L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed automatic AWD
  • Elite variant 2.2L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed DCT AWD
  • Highlander variant 2.2L CRDi (diesel) 8-speed automatic AWD

  • VENUE, KONA and TUCSON can seat five people across two rows.
  • SANTA FE can seat five to seven people depending on the configuration.
  • PALISADE can seat seven to eight people depending on the configuration.
  • All Hyundai SUVs can come with a sunroof it just depends on the variant level that is chosen.

    Well that really depends on you, what you love doing, and what kind of gear you want to carry with you while doing it. We definitely try to build loads of versatility into all our SUVs, to help owners make the most of all situations. And with a huge range of accessories, it’s easily possible to tailor any one of our SUVs for sports gear, travelling, boating, camping and more.

    But since you asked, here are some simple descriptions to use as helpful starting points when trying to decide on the right SUV for you and the people who ride with you.

    This spacious, high-roofed 5-seater is unlike anything you’ve seen before, because it’s unlike most other cars on the road. Full of personality and style, it’s an SUV built for the city, but with everything you need (including Snow, Mud and Sand traction modes) to enjoy getting out of town too.

    Hyundai’s boldest small SUV has been reimagined into a dynamic design of the future. It’s tall and wide to fit all your family and friends with plenty of storage. It’s well-appointed too, with loads of tech and premium options to ensure every escape is done in style.

    If you’re looking for a fully-featured medium SUV that’s as stylish and powerful as it is spacious and comfortable to accommodate a growing family, the TUCSON could be the one for you. It’ll navigate city streets with ease yet is totally ready to hit the road for some great outdoor adventures. With the latest tech and automotive innovations, there’s lots to love about the TUCSON.

    Want cutting-edge technology, luxury design, advanced safety features and loads of power? Seating 7 passengers across 3 rows, the extremely spacious SANTA FE is perfect for long and winding journeys, for families and friends who like to get out of town in comfort, style, and with all their gear in tow.

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    [H1] Hyundai SmartSense™ is a registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company. Safety features are not a substitute for attentive driving. Availability of various Hyundai SmartSense™ safety features depend on variant & transmission chosen.

    [H2] For full terms and conditions of the warranty, view the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

    [R1] Range is based on WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light-Duty Vehicles Test Procedure) static laboratory combined average city and highway cycle test, which measure, energy consumption, range and emissions in passenger vehicles, designed to provide figures closer to real-world. Real life driving results will vary depending on a combination of driving style, type of journey, vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, use of vehicle features (such as heating and air conditioning), as well as operating, environmental and climate conditions.