Hyundai Venue.

Absurdly Sensible.

Welcome to Hyundai Venue’s 4 Second Reviews.

A car this absurdly sensible deserves motoring reviews to match. So forget the long-winded analysis from your usual motoring know-it-alls. Instead, check out our collection of blink-or-you’ll-miss-them reviews from the likes of a backyard ninja, a human fly and a flat earther, to name a few.

They'll offer their unique viewpoints on the Hyundai Venue in ways you've never imagined.

Human Fly
Male Model
Time Traveller

Alloy wheels.

The Venue’s custom-designed alloys with carefully-paired rubber, reinforce its “You-lookin-at-me?” on road presence.

Available on Active & Elite variants.

Traction control.

Activate Snow, Mud or Sand modes with just a twist of the dial and you’ll make things a little more grippy when you’re about to venture onto loose and shifting terrains. And as one human fly points out, the Venue particularly “Loves the wet.”

Available in automatic transmissions.

Boot space.

While already of generous proportions for a car this size, the Venue’s boot space can be increased even more to fit large or bulky items by folding down one or both of the rear seats. Or as Bootcat so eloquently put it, the Venue is “Roomy.”

Climate control.

Set the temperature you want in your cabin and the Venue will automatically maintain it. Some might call that “genius.” This windswept model calls it “So cool!”


Round-the-clock connectivity is “very now” – just ask any time traveller. That’s why you’ll find a clever selection of tech-life essentials like Apple CarPlay™[P1] and Android™ Auto[P2] compatibility.

Got the Hyundai Venue’s design on your mind?

Hear what our celebs have to say about the
Hyundai Venue.

Carson Kressley
Tori Spelling
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Lance Bass
Corey Feldman

What a divine design.

Carson Kressley has his expert eye on the new Hyundai Venue. Watch his review now.

Totally spellbound.

Listen as Tori Spelling, the original Hollywood girl next door, spills the goss on the new Hyundai Venue.

Worth chasing down.

Watch tough guy Dog the Bounty Hunter lay down the law on the new Hyundai Venue.

Let’s talk performance.

See boy band legend Lance Bass singing the praises of the new Hyundai Venue.

An interior I can get into.

Check out 80’s icon Corey Feldman giving his thoughts on the new Hyundai Venue in a way that’s oh so Corey.

Our features are our best feature.

Serious about performance and safety?

Ice-cream Lovers
Morning People

Six airbags.

There are dual front airbags, two front seat side-impact airbags, and two side-curtain airbags. Too much? Hmmm, you’re entitled to your opinion. But who wants safety that’s meek and hesitant in an emergency, when you can have safety that’s “in your face.”

Fuel efficiency.

Standard on all Venues, the 1.6MPi engine manages to strike that delicate balance between fuel efficiency and zippy performance. So whether you’re on your daily commute or off for a weekend away, it’ll always get the job done without ever getting too thirsty. Thumbs up!

Cruise control.

Hit the highway, set your desired speed, and this optional system will then take over, smoothly and automatically maintaining that same speed for you. So you’ll be able to sit back, take in the scenery, and not give the Highway Patrol a second thought.

Rear view camera.

In a Venue, nothing’s going to sneak up behind you and catch you unawares. Because the in-built rear view camera will give you an uncluttered perspective, projecting all there is to see onto your 8-inch colour LCD console screen. Bullseye!


The Venue’s 1.6L fuel-injected engine, with D-CVVT and 2-stage variable intake system, does a great job of maximising both low-end torque and round-town drivability. But if someone asks, you could just say its performance is “punchy.”

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Hyundai Venue Elite variant shown.

[P1] Apple CarPlay™ requires iPhone 5© or subsequent model (lightning cable) in order to operate. Apple© and iPhone© are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

[P2] Android™ Auto requires a device with Android 5.0 operating system or subsequent version in order to operate. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google.

[P3] Available on the Elite variant.