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Hyundai Motor Hints at Dramatic Change for the Sonata Facelift.

28 February, 2017

Hyundai Motor has revealed the first teaser images of the face lifted Sonata ahead of its launch in Korea, set for early next month. Details below:


  • The face lifted model underwent a “Dramatic Design Change” to bring it in line with the new Hyundai look, progressively introducing sophisticated architecture and styling
  • The new design architecture centres on Hyundai’s brand new signature, the “Cascading Grille”
  • The Cascading Grille symbolises the momentous flow of molten steel and the elegant shape of the Korean celadon vase, bringing a more distinct identifier to the Hyundai range.
  • Around this Cascading grille is a sensuously sculpted fascia with a much more confident gaze and a purposeful stance
  • The low and wide radiator grille makes the hood appear longer and sleeker, which is counter balanced by the raised trunk lid, shifting the side profile architecture to a more dynamic attitude
  • The chrome lines around the DLO extends forward to the headlights as they did before, but now they extend to the front, and under the headlamps for a unique, sophisticated look
  • From the side, the sleek and sensuously sculpted volumes are complimented by fine technical details such as the head lamps, tail lamps and directional spoked wheels
  • The rear license plate holder was moved downward to fit onto the bumper and a large Sonata logo is added to the centre of the trunk lid, projecting visual self-confidence

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