All-New KONA Electric: Imagined to be bold

09 January, 2024

  •        Bigger, bolder and more refined all-new KONA Electric sets a new standard in battery electric small SUVs, with its futuristic design and spacious, tech-packed interior
  •        New 99kW / 150kW 2WD powertrains with standard heat pump and battery conditioning bring range of up to 505km (WLTP) and 45min fast-charge capability
  •        Standard dual 12.3-inch digital cluster and multimedia displays & interior V2L outlet
  •        Convenience, safety and security of BluelinkTM connected car services with Over-The-Air (OTA) update capability
  •        Extensive standard SmartSenseTM safety suite, including FCA with powered two-wheeler detection and SCC with Machine Learning
  •        New-generation KONA Electric is available now priced from $54,000 MLP

All-new KONA Electric is here, bigger, bolder and more refined, and ready to set a new standard in battery electric small SUVs, with its futuristic design and a class-leadingly spacious and versatile cabin packed with technology.

New-generation KONA Electric is offered with 99kW and 150kW 2WD powertrains paired with Standard and Extended Range batteries, which bring real-world range of up to 505km (WLTP), and the capability for a 45min fast charge from 10 to 80 percent.

Futuristic LED positioning lights – with pixelated seamless horizon graphic illumination for Premium variants – along with a broad, pixel-pointed lower intake garnish, wrap-around gloss black lower body moulding, and aerodynamic alloy wheel designs set all-new KONA Electric apart.

New-generation KONA Electric’s bold new body is also bigger than the preceding model, bringing expanded cargo space and versatility.

All-new KONA Electric’s class-leading second row now offers 77mm more leg room, 17mm more shoulder room – now 1,402mm – and 15mm more headroom than the previous model. The cargo area grows by 33 litres to 407L and is now joined by a 27L front cargo area.

A ‘floating’ horizontal dashboard creates a premium ambience in all-new KONA, headlined by a standard 12.3-inch full digital instrument cluster display and 12.3-inch multimedia system, while a Shift by Wire drive selector underpins an advanced user experience and frees space for centre console storage.

Every KONA Electric features LED headlights, DRLs and taillights, dual-zone climate control, an interior Vehicle To Load (V2L) power outlet, heat pump cabin heating, battery conditioning, and a wireless smartphone charger.

Premium variants bring further appeal in the form of 19-inch alloy wheels, leather upholstery, powered, heated and ventilated seating, a heated steering wheel, Head Up Display (HUD), BOSE™ eight-speaker premium audio, Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA), wide glass sunroof, and a smart power tailgate.

The convenience, safety and security of BluelinkTM connected car services is standard in all-new KONA Electric along with Over-The-Air (OTA) update capability.

An extensive suite of SmartSenseTM advanced active safety and driver assistance features in new-generation KONA Electric includes a segment-first Forward Collision Avoidance 2.0 featuring powered two-wheeler detection (stationary and moving motorcycles), and Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Machine Learning capability (SCC w/ S&G & ML).

To this, Premium variants add Parking Collision Avoidance Assist-Reverse (PCA-R), a Blind Spot View Monitor (BVM) and a 3D Surround View Monitor (SVM).

Hyundai’s front centre-side airbag is part of a standard seven-airbag suite.

All-new KONA Electric Extended Range is now capable of towing, with a 750kg braked towing capacity, and comes pre-wired, for a seamless accessory towbar and wiring fitment. 

In a further plus for Australian drivers, and a first in the small SUV EV segment, a space saver spare wheel and tyre is now standard in KONA Electric.

New-generation KONA Electric is exceptionally refined, with the benefit of an array of noise and vibration isolation measures, from the rigid body structure to absorption materials, a sound-insulating acoustic windscreen, extensive body sealing, and redesigned suspension bushes.

“All-new KONA Electric underscores Hyundai’s technological ambition and commitment to developing sustainable mobility solutions, setting a new standard in battery electric small SUVs,” said Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Executive Officer, Ted Lee.



All-new KONA Electric is available in a simple yet feature rich two trim line-up:



All-new KONA Electric’s design is headlined by futuristic, clean and wide frontal styling featuring LED positioning lighting – with a pixelated seamless horizon graphic illumination for the Premium variant – and maintains key KONA elements such as the unique C-pillar, composite lights, side cladding and dynamic roofline.

Separated headlights, a KONA signature, are designed with sophisticated details and edges to create a sharp image.

Completing a refined and cohesive impression is a front bumper design incorporating a wide lower intake garnish featuring a pixel point design.

A dynamic side profile is created by a chrome moulding running from the beltline to the rear spoiler, which is neatly aligned with a crisp character line, while 17- and 19-inch (Premium) alloy wheels, body-coloured wheel arch cladding, and a black lower body moulding reinforce all-new KONA Electric’s looks.

A voluminous rear design features pixelated graphic horizon lighting that creates a sense of unity with the front design and maximises the future-oriented image, along with a pixel graphic for the rear bumper.

All-new KONA Electric’s robust SUV styling is reinforced by integrating a wedge-shaped lower taillight with the wheel arch cladding.

A rear spoiler featuring a high-mounted brake light integrated with the chrome moulding, which continues from the beltline, completes a confident rear stance.


Exterior colours

All-new KONA Electric is available in a selection of seven exterior colours including two standard (solid) paint types.


Exterior Colour








Abyss Black























KONA Electric


KONA Electric Premium



New-generation KONA Electric applies driver-centric design and features a futuristic horizontal layout headlined by a floating dashboard, to create a sporty, wide impression that reinforces the increases in occupant and cargo space.

A column-type Shift by Wire selector frees space in the centre console for two rotary cupholders and a storage tray, and contributes to the cabin’s light, open feel.

An innovative multi-purpose tray in front of the passenger seat provides additional convenient storage for small items.

The large-capacity open-type console also features a wireless charging pad.

Headlining the driver-oriented, high-tech layout is the seamless integration of standard dual 12.3-inch multimedia and digital cluster displays.

New-generation KONA Electric is 150mm longer and 10mm taller than the model it replaces, with a 60mm longer wheelbase. It maximises space utilisation through new design features in both rows – such as 30-percent slimmer front seatbacks – and in the cargo area.

The removal of the driveshaft tunnel results in a completely flat rear floor, increasing space for rear occupants while also greatly improving convenience for passengers moving between the rear seats.

Compared with the previous generation, all-new KONA Electric second-row passengers have 77mm more leg room, 17mm more shoulder room, and 15mm more headroom.

All-new KONA Electric’s second-row leg room (925mm) and shoulder room (1,402mm) are now among the best in the class.

A rear seatback folding function features an improved, near-flat (10-degree) folding angle.

In addition, the tilting angle of the rear seat back can be adjusted in two steps – 26 degrees and 32 degrees – offering second-row passengers more comfort and convenience.




(OS) KONA Electric

All-new KONA Electric





Head room

1st row


+ 10


- 4


2nd row


+ 15


- 30


Leg room

1st row


+ 5


+ 7


2nd row


+ 77




Shoulder room

1st row


+ 25


- 29


2nd row


+ 17


- 20



Interior trims

New-generation KONA Electric is available with Obsidian Black Premium Cloth upholstery with an embossed seat pattern, and all-new KONA Electric Premium is available with Genuine Leather upholstery in a choice of three contemporary colours – Obsidian Black, Light Shale Grey and Sage Green – teamed with a cloth knit headlining.


Cargo dimensions

Improving significantly on the first generation’s cargo space, all-new KONA Electric’s luggage capacity increases to 407L (+75L), while expanding to a competitive 1,241L (+127L) with the second-row seats folded down. In addition to the significantly increased capacity, the cargo area brings greatly improved loading convenience, with a lowered loading height and increased opening width.

The cargo area also features a foldable dual-level floor-board, multiple shopping bag hooks, a cargo net with tie-down hooks and a new storage location for the cargo shelf.



(OS) KONA Electric

All-new KONA Electric








+ 172


- 148




+ 76


+ 2




+ 187


- 165


Opening width


+ 38


- 18


Loading height


- 19


- 9


Cargo Area (VDA)



+ 75L


- 132L




+ 127L


- 619L


Front Cargo Area (VDA)







Front cargo area

All-new KONA Electric’s smart and space efficient packaging extends to a front under-bonnet cargo compartment that holds up to 27L (VDA), which makes it ideal for carrying charging equipment or a small backpack. The compartment is equipped with a net for securing small items, and an LED light, and features a sealed lid to prevent the ingress of external pollutants.



New-generation KONA Electric brings a comprehensive suite of SmartSenseTM advanced active safety and driver assistance technologies.

There are seven airbags in all-new KONA Electric, including a front centre side airbag. Mounted in the left side of the driver’s seat backrest, it can prevent or reduce the severity of injuries caused by collisions between the front occupants, or collisions between occupants and interior components, in the event of a side impact collision.


SmartSense™ Safety Technologies


Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2.0 (FCA2) with two-wheeler detection

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 2.0 (FCA2) monitors for vehicles, motorbikes, pedestrians or cyclists ahead using the front radar sensor and windscreen-mounted camera, and alerts the driver to potential collision risks with a chime and a warning in the instrument cluster.

In the event no driver intervention is detected after a FCA2 warning, the system can automatically apply the brakes as a collision avoidance or mitigation measure.



  • Collision warning

o   Vehicle/powered two-wheeler travelling at 10-200km/h

o   Pedestrian/cyclist travelling at 10-85km/h

  • Emergency braking Level 1

o   Vehicle/powered two-wheeler travelling at 10-200km/h

o   Pedestrian/cyclist travelling at 10-65km/h

  • Emergency braking Level 2

o   Moving vehicle/powered two-wheeler travelling at 10-75km/h (100km/h*)

o   Stationary vehicle/powered two-wheeler travelling at 10-130km/h

o   Pedestrian/cyclist travelling at 10-65km/h

*When evasive steering is judged to be impossible


FCA2 incorporates the following functionalities:

  •  Evasive Steering Assist (ESA) - Helps avoid a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist ahead in the same lane by automatically assisting the driver’s steering, when there is space in the driving lane to avoid the collision.
  •  Direct Oncoming (FCA-DO) - Mitigates collision damage with oncoming traffic that has crossed into KONA Electric’s lane.
  •  Junction Crossing (FCA-JC) - Helps avoid a collision with an approaching vehicle from the left or right side when crossing an intersection, using front corner radar detection.
  •  Junction Turning (FCA-JT) - Helps avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle in an adjacent lane when KONA Electric is turning right at an intersection with the indicator on.
  •  Lane-Change Oncoming (FCA-LO) - Helps avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle in an adjacent lane by providing steering assistance.
  •  Lane-Change-Side (FCA-LS) - Helps avoid a collision with the vehicle ahead or the vehicle alongside in the adjacent lane when changing lanes, by providing steering assistance.


Forward Attention Warning (FAW)

Forward Attention Warning (FAW) monitors the driver's condition, detects careless/ distracted and drowsy driving and issues an audible and visual alert.

The driver's face, head position/direction, and eye tracking/opening/closing state are detected using an in-cabin infra-red camera.



  • Vehicle speed: over 10 km/h
  • Monitors following:

o   Short Distraction (more than 3 seconds)

o   Long distraction (more than 10 seconds)

o   Drowsiness Karolinska Sleepiness Scale (KSS) level higher than 8

o   Micro-sleep (eyes closed for more than 2 seconds)

o   Sleep (eyes closed for more than 3 seconds)


Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) automatically warns driver if there is a risk of a collision with a detected vehicle in the blind-spot when changing lanes. Additionally, BCA also helps avoid collisions with vehicles in blind-spot when exiting a parallel parking spot.

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA) helps avoid a collision with a vehicle in all-new KONA Electric’s blind-spot zone when changing lanes. If a collision risk is present when an indicator is operated to change lanes, BCA will issue a warning. After the warning, if the risk of collision increases, BCA will automatically control the vehicle to help avoid a collision.



  • Vehicle speed: above 20 km/h
  • Steering angle: -30 to +30 degrees
  • Conditions for control: Lane recognition of both edges, collision risk within 1.5m rear of B-pillar


Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)

The Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM) projects an image of KONA Electric’s blind-spot zone on the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster display whenever a turn signal is operated, using cameras mounted in the exterior mirrors.

BVM assists in carrying out safer lane changes, by increasing the driver’s field of vision compared with conventional mirrors.


Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

The Driver Attention Warning (DAW) system analyses the driver's attention level and can audibly and visually warn the driver if the system senses that they are inattentive.

Additionally, the Leading Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA) also provides an audible and visual alert to the driver when a leading vehicle departs during a stop.


High Beam Assist (HBA)

A High Beam Assist (HBA) system allows the vehicle to automatically activate the high beam dependant on ambient light and general illuminance to improve visibility.
The system will automatically switch to low beam when the headlights of oncoming cars, or taillights of the vehicle in front are detected, to avoid dazzling other road users.


Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)

The Intelligent Speed Limit Assist system provides an audible and visual warning when detected speed limits are exceeded. Additionally, ISLA can assist in updating the Smart Cruise Control set speed to the posted speed limit when a speed limit change is detected.



  • Detection: front camera or navigation
  • Speed limit signs: 10-140 km/h
  • Signs detected: school zone, stop, do not pass, do not enter, roundabout, curve etc.


Lane Following Assist (LFA)

Lane Following Assist (LFA) uses the front-mounted camera to monitor vehicles ahead and establish the centreline of the lane, to provide steering assistance to help keep all-new KONA Electric in the centre of the lane.

In addition, the system will provide a safety alert if it detects that the driver is not holding the steering wheel.


Lane Keeping Assist - Line/Road-Edge (LKA-L/R)

The Lane Keeping Assist function will warn the driver if the vehicle strays from the intended lane without the indicators being activated, using audible and visual alerts and a haptic (steering vibration) prompt.

The system uses the windscreen-mounted camera to detect the lane marking or the edge of the road and monitors the vehicle’s relative position.

If the driver does not respond with corrective steering input, the system will apply a counter-steering input to attempt to prevent the vehicle from moving out of the lane.


Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist-Reverse (PCA-R)

Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist-Reverse helps prevent low-speed collisions with pedestrians or obstacles when reversing.

PCA-R uses a high-definition camera and ultrasonic sensors to detect pedestrians or obstacles. If a potential collision is detected, the system will give the driver visual and audible alerts, and assist with braking if necessary to help prevent the collision.


Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

All-new KONA Electric’s Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA) system actively mitigates potential collisions when reversing into the path of traffic. If a potential risk is detected, the system will issue audible and visual driver alerts.

In the event the driver does not respond to a warning, the system can bring new-generation KONA Electric to a stop as a preventative measure.


Rear Occupant Alert (ROA)

The Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) system aims to prevent the unintentional locking in or leaving behind of occupants in all-new KONA Electric.

If the system has registered that a rear door was opened, it will alert the driver to check the rear seats when they turn off the vehicle.


Safe Exit Warning (SEW)

The Safe Exit Warning (SEW) helps occupants exit in a safe manner. When all-new KONA Electric is stopped, or travelling at 3km/h or below, and SEW is active, the system uses the radar sensors at each side of the rear bumper to detect vehicles approaching from the rear.

If a vehicle is detected, and a door is opened, the system will sound an alert and display a warning.

The system stays operational for up to three minutes after the vehicle is turned off and can issue an alert once per door.


Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go and Machine Learning (SCC w/S&G & ML)

All-new KONA Electric’s Smart Cruise Control (SCC) system automatically maintains a safe following distance during cruise control driving.

The Stop & Go function works in stop/start traffic, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop when appropriate, and automatically accelerating it back to the set speed.

If the vehicle is stationary for more than three seconds, SCC will prompt the driver to continue via the steering wheel pause/resume or plus/minus switch or by depressing the accelerator pedal.

Distance to the vehicle ahead can be conveniently adjusted in four stages using the vehicle distance button on the steering wheel.

Additionally, if the driver prefers, the SCC function can be changed from Drive Mode-based SCC to the driving style-based Machine Learning function.

The Machine Learning function combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the SCC function in a system that learns the driver’s patterns and habits such as typical following distance, acceleration and reaction speeds, to tailor the SCC experience to the driver’s preference.


3D Surround View Monitor (SVM)

KONA Electric’s Surround View Monitor (SVM) system lets the driver see a full 3D 360-degree view of the vehicle and any obstacles surrounding it.

The high-definition display provides superb accuracy with the benefit of variable camera guide-lines linked to steering angle, and through automatic view calibration of the image while driving.

In addition to the 3D view function, the SVM lets the driver select viewing modes such as front, rear and front/rear side views, top-down view with tailgate guide-lines and trailer connection and car wash entering modes, and front and rear wide views, each designed to maximise driver confidence and convenience while parking.


Additional Safety Features


Multi anti-Collision Brake (MCB)

Multi anti-Collision Brake (MCB) applies the brakes to prevent or reduce or mitigate a subsequent impact when the vehicle has been involved in a collision.


Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) helps warn surrounding traffic when new-generation KONA Electric driver deploys emergency braking.

The system flashes the brake lights during emergency braking to warn the drivers of vehicles behind, and can automatically activate the hazard lights as a further visual warning to surrounding drivers.


Manual Speed Limit Assist (MSLA)

All-new KONA Electric’s Manual Speed Limit Assist (MSLA) function assists the driver in pre-setting a speed limit for the vehicle, which is helpful in situations with reduced speed limits, such as school zones or roadworks.


Parking Distance Warning (PDW- F/S/R)

Parking Distance Warning - Front/Side/Rear is a parking safety function that provides a warning to avoid a collision with pedestrians and objects around the vehicle while stopping or low speed driving.

New for KONA Electric Premium are the addition of side parking sensors with side guidance display.

KONA Electric also introduces for the first-time dynamic contour parking guidance, giving a more realistic visual parking aid via the infotainment screen, for superior parking convenience.


Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)

A Remote Smart Parking Assist feature lets users manoeuvre new-generation KONA Electric forward or backward into parking spaces using controls on the Smart Key.

Once parked, the vehicle can be switched off and locked without the need to re-enter the vehicle.

RSPA utilises all-new KONA Electric’s ultrasonic sensors and will pause a parking manoeuvre if it detects an object in its path.


Steering wheel with haptic feedback - SmartSense™ functions

The steering wheel in all-new KONA Electric provides haptic (vibration) feedback for the delivery of SmartSenseTM driver assistance warnings.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) alerts the driver if a tyre pressure is out of the normal range, as well as providing individual tyre pressure readouts.


Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS)

All-new KONA Electric features a Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS) which generates a futuristic virtual ‘engine’ sound to alert pedestrians to the vehicle’s presence, in the absence of conventional powertrain noise. This virtual sound is played at low vehicle speeds through an externally mounted speaker located at the front of the vehicle.


The VESS is active whenever the vehicle is in ready mode provided the transmission is not in P (Park). When the transmission is shifted to R (Reverse), an additional warning sound will be generated to further warn pedestrians.


All-new KONA Electric is built on the new third-generation Hyundai ‘K-platform’ (K3) which provides the basis for a comfortable ride and sophisticated handling, with NVH performance that transcends the small SUV class.

The modular platform also packages new-generation KONA Electric’s powertrain and high-voltage battery for maximum efficiency and safety.

Crash safety is achieved with an energy dissipation structure and a high-rigidity design.

A multi load-path double-box front structure allows for the optimal absorption of collision energy and stable front crash performance.

The platform also enhances suspension and steering performance by optimising the steering rack position and mounting structure, to the benefit of steering feel and NVH.

A 50 percent increase in the application of hot-stamped 150K and 180K ultra-high-strength steel parts – from 12 components in previous KONA Electric to 18 – minimises cabin deformation in the event of a collision.

In addition, the body structure average tensile strength is increased by 10 percent, from 65.3 to 72.0 kg/mm3.

New-generation KONA Electric’s side main structure parts utilise thicker and stronger construction to maximise collision robustness, and the connections between the top and bottom of the B pillar reinforcements are strengthened.



All-new KONA Electric substantially reduces wind, powertrain and road noise and vibration compared with the preceding model, to deliver exceptional levels of refinement in its class.

This is achieved through a rigid monocoque optimised to reduce noise transmission and featuring an array of sound insulation and vibration isolation measures.

New-generation KONA Electric features sound-absorbing pads under the carpet and in the luggage area, which minimise road noise intrusion.

Wind noise is minimised by applying upgraded sealing around KONA Electric’s lower doors, and cut-line seals to the side mirror caps, and through the application of a double-laminated sound-insulating acoustic windscreen.

KONA Electric’s multi-link rear suspension also benefits from vibration-isolating subframe bushes.



New-generation KONA Electric benefits from a chassis tuning approach that sees Hyundai Australia involved early in the development of a model, providing HMC R&D with input to achieve the chassis characteristics required for the Australian market.

This approach evolved as a natural progression from the local tuning program deployed by Hyundai Australia’s engineering team over the previous decade.

All-new KONA Electric was put through the local testing programme used to evaluate and sign off each vehicle. This local program has been honed by Hyundai Australia over many years, and comprises a wide spectrum of challenging local city, highway, country and gravel roads.

“We evaluated pre-production test vehicles very early on and we were extremely pleased with the settings R&D had developed for new-generation KONA Electric,” Hyundai Product Development Manager Tim Rodgers said.

“The quality of the global chassis settings is incredibly high and KONA Electric performed exceptionally across the full range of Australian road conditions,” he said.

“KONA Electric showcases again that R&D is really thinking about each and every market as they’re working through their tuning program.”

All-new KONA Electric utilises a MacPherson strut front suspension with a multi-link rear suspension.



Aerodynamic developments for all-new KONA Electric deliver stable high-speed driving performance and energy efficiency benefit while reducing the co-efficient of drag to 0.27 from the preceding model’s 0.29.

All-new KONA Electric’s body starts with a roofline that balances rear head room with an aerodynamic downward taper, while from above, a boat tail profile promotes clean flow.

Flow-smoothing underbody components include a front bumper lip, a Power Electric (PE) room under cover, front wheel deflectors, rear undercovers and wheel deflectors, and a rear bumper lip.

An internal Active Air Flap (AAF) in the front bumper and aerodynamic wheel designs with reduced openings further reduce drag.

Side mirrors optimised with a diffuser-like space between the mirror cap and the window glass, and featuring flattened upper and lower sections, also promote smooth airflow.

A ‘stripping trap’ is applied to the sides of the taillight and the top of the rear combination lights to minimise turbulence and reduce air resistance.

The rear spoiler and side garnish are also optimally shaped to balance vertical and horizontal air flow.



All-new KONA Electric’s Standard Range and Extended Range electric powertrains are designed to deliver a smooth and seamless driving experience.

Battery Range

All-new KONA Electric Extended Range has a maximum real-world electric range of 505 kilometres on a single charge (when equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels), to let drivers travel freely in the knowledge all-new KONA Electric can comfortably accommodate everything from their daily drive to a long-distance trip.


Lithium-ion battery

New lithium-ion batteries in all-new KONA Electric bring increased capacity in both Standard and Extended range form, with the Standard Range battery of 24-percent greater capacity than that of previous generation KONA Electric.

The liquid cooled, high-performance battery is mounted along the floor plan, maximising interior space while enhancing vehicle dynamics and safety through a low centre of gravity.

Electric motor

The permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor in all-new KONA Electric has been redesigned with a focus on smooth acceleration and vehicle efficiency and is offered in two output levels:


All-new KONA Electric


 Standard Range 48.6 kWh

Extended Range 64.8 kWh


Front Wheel Drive

Front Wheel Drive

Motor power

99 kW

150 kW

Motor torque

255 Nm

255 Nm

WLTP Range

370 km

505 km (17” wheel)

444 km (19” wheel)

New enhanced cooling channels help maintain the system at its optimum temperature, while the new motor’s compact size allows storage space to be maximised.

Torque ripple – or torque fluctuation – has also been decreased, resulting in smoother, more linear acceleration.


Battery conditioning system

All-new KONA Electric’s standard battery conditioning system can activate in cold climate conditions to heat the battery for improved DC charging and driving performance.

The battery conditioning system can also pre-heat in preparation for fast charging, such as when a DC charger is set as a destination in the navigation.


Heat pump

The cabin-heating function in all-new KONA Electric is by a high efficiency heat pump system, in place of a conventional electric PTC heater.

The heat pump utilises waste heat energy from other systems and energy from the atmosphere to warm the cabin in a clever reverse cycle air-conditioning system.

The energy savings from utilising the heat pump contribute to maximising all-new KONA Electric’s driving range.



All-new KONA Electric features faster AC and DC charging, with the addition of bi-directional charging capability, to provide even greater customer convenience.

The onboard AC charger now has a capacity of up to 10.4kW, compared with 7.2kW in the previous generation KONA Electric.

DC charging time is also improved; when connected to a 100kW DC fast charging station, all-new KONA Electric can be recharged from 10 to 80 percent in as little as 45 minutes in both Standard and Extended Range forms (or, in 65 minutes when connected to a 50kW fast charging station).




Now capable of towing

KONA Electric Extended Range variants are now capable of towing, increasing flexibility and appeal to Australian customers. The optional Hyundai Genuine Accessory towbar is rated at a maximum braked towing capacity of 750kg with a maximum tow ball weight of 100kg. If towing an unbraked trailer, towing capacity is limited to 300kg.

In addition, Extended Range variants are equipped with a trailer pre-wiring package, making the accessory towbar and wiring fitment seamless.


Standard spare wheel

All-new KONA Electric is the first EV in its segment to come standard with a spare tyre, to help reduce driving anxiety, especially on longer journeys. The space saver temporary spare is stowed below the cargo floor and is suitable for driving at up to 80km/h.



New-generation KONA Electric features an i-Pedal regenerative braking mode which enables a single-pedal driving strategy that allows acceleration, deceleration and stopping of the vehicle using only the accelerator. The smart regenerative system automatically adjusts the amount of regenerative braking based on information from forward traffic flow.


Smart Regenerative Braking 2.0

All-new KONA Electric’s Smart Regenerative Braking 2.0 optimises coasting efficiency in auto mode by automatically adjusting the amount of regenerative braking based on the incline of the road and the behaviour of the vehicle ahead.

The level of regenerative braking - and so the rate of deceleration - can also be adjusted in three stages using KONA Electric’s steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, so the driver can minimise the use of the brake pedal and maximise efficiency.

A complete stop function can stop KONA Electric with a longer pull of the minus paddle (0.4sec or more) without using the brake pedal.


Integrated Electric Booster (IEB)

New-generation KONA Electric features an Integrated Electric Booster (IEB) which combines a traditional vacuum assisted brake booster, hydraulic master cylinder, ESC unit and brake lines in a single, compact hydro-electric unit.



Interior Vehicle to Load (V2L)

All-new KONA Electric’s Interior V2L feature utilises the vehicle battery to provide an internal mains power source in the rear centre console, which allows customers to freely use or charge their electronic device or appliance while on the move.

The V2L function provides a standard domestic power outlet and has a maximum output of 250V / 15A / 3kW.

Exterior V2L functionality is also available via the charging port.

The V2L function can also provide Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) charging functionality, by utilising the portable emergency charging cable (ICCB) to charge another electric vehicle.


Head-Up Display (HUD) – Premium variant

All-new KONA Electric Premium features a 12-inch colour Head-Up Display (HUD) which projects key safety and status information in the driver’s line of sight, so they can process information quickly while keeping their attention on the road ahead.


Power seats with Integrated Memory System (IMS) – Premium variant

All-new KONA Electric Premium’s 10-way electrically adjustable driver’s seat – including two-way power adjustable lumbar – and 8-way adjustable front passenger’s seat ensure front occupants can easily find their optimal seating position with the press of a button.


Heated and ventilated front seats & heated rear seats – Premium variant

All-new KONA Electric Premium keeps occupants comfortable all year round with heated and ventilated front seats and heated outboard rear seats.

Heating elements warm the front and rear outboard seating surfaces in cool weather, while in hot weather ventilation fans blow a gentle stream of cooling air through the perforations in the front leather seats.

New-generation KONA Electric Premium teams these with a heated steering wheel for maximum comfort.


Relaxation Comfort Seats – Premium variant

New-generation KONA Electric Premium’s zero-gravity Relaxation Comfort front seats provide perfect relaxation through a zero-gravity position, relieving fatigue and discomfort that occurs while sitting in the same position for a long period.

These provide a weightless posture through the optimised distribution of pressure on specific body parts, so occupants can stay comfortable while taking a break from driving, such as at a rest stop on a road trip.


Shift by Wire

An innovative column-mounted Shift by Wire selector in all-new KONA Electric allows easy and intuitive drive selection while freeing storage space around the centre console.


Smart Power Tailgate – Premium variant

All-new KONA Electric features a height and speed adjustable Smart power tailgate, available on Premium variants.

A highly convenient feature that allows the user to remotely open the tailgate using the key or just by standing near the boot with the key for a few seconds. Useful for situations when your hands are full of shopping bags or carrying young children.


BOSE™ 8-speaker premium audio system – Premium variant

All-new KONA Electric Premium features a high-performance premium audio system optimally tuned by BOSE™ engineers to suit the model’s unique cabin acoustics.

The result is a system that delivers a rich and spacious acoustic experience through an external power amplifier, eight precisely engineered speakers including a subwoofer.


Wireless Charging Pad

All-new KONA Electric features a 15W wireless charging pad for optimal charging performance. The charging pad is designed to accommodate phones with larger cameras and/or large protective phone cases.

An inbuilt cooling fan cools the wireless charger’s internal components to enhance convenience and safety when charging smartphones.


USB Type-C power outlets

New-generation KONA Electric features two USB Type-C charging ports for first-row occupants and two USB Type-C power outlets for second-row occupants.

The Type-C power outlets are designed around Power Delivery 3.0 standard and deliver an output of 27W / 3A for rapid charging.


Ambient mood lamp – Premium variant

A 64-colour variable mood lighting system illuminates the dashboard and front doors providing an array of cabin moods, and offers 10 pre-set schemes.


Wide glass sunroof – Premium variant

All-new KONA Electric Premium features a full-width glass sunroof with a powered tilt and slide panel and a power sunshade.




Connected Car Next-Generation Cockpit

New-generation KONA Electric introduces a Panoramic View 12.3-inch next-generation multimedia system featuring Hyundai BluelinkTM and Over-the-Air update capability, improved natural language-based voice recognition, and a dedicated EV user interface.

It is seamlessly integrated with the 12.3-inch instrument cluster display, with a new, luxurious and refined graphic user interface (GUI) creating a sense of unity between the two displays.

The GUI delivers a more intuitive user experience by eliminating unnecessary decorative elements, adopting a harmonious colour palette, applying a consistent grid layout, and using animation extensively.

An array of EV-specific information is provided across the displays, such as driving data, battery level and usage statistics, charging settings, charging station locations, battery conditioning and V2L use.

In addition, the system in all-new KONA Electric includes the following functionalities:

  • AM/FM/DAB+
  • Apple CarPlay™/Android Auto®
  • Hyundai BluelinkTM with calendar integration
  • Over The Air updates (OTA)
  • Bluetooth® multi-connection, USB-C input
  • Google Fast Pair Service for Android Bluetooth®
  •  Quiet mode, Valet mode
  • Light/dark theme, blue-light filter settings
  • User Profile selection w/BluelinkTM account linking
  • Quick Control menu (swipe down)
  • BluelinkTM connected Satellite Navigation
  • BluelinkTM live traffic updates
  • Voice control system
  • SMS playback capability
  • Split screen function
  • Voice memo function



All-New KONA features Bluelink™ connected car services, as standard, in line with Hyundai’s mission to create smart mobility solutions and a better future for everyone.

Hyundai Bluelink™ embodies the connection between you and your car, you and the world, you and your future.

Bluelink™ and the accompanying connected car services are provided free of charge for the first 5-years of new vehicle ownership and are transferrable to subsequent owners within this 5-year period.


BluelinkTM EV-specific features

Set schedule

The BluelinkTM app provides access to, and control of, the charging schedule and climate control of a user’s Hyundai EV, to ensure their car is fully charged when it’s time to go.

Next departure time: Users can preset their charging schedule based on their departure time. Users can select two departures per day as well as set recurring departure times throughout the week. Charging will automatically stop at these times.

Charging schedule: The app lets users prioritise charging their vehicles during off peak times. Users can select the time they wish to commence and end charging. The charging end time can be set to when off-peak time ends, or when charging is complete.

Scheduled climate control: BluelinkTM allows EV users to schedule their vehicle’s climate control system to pre-condition the cabin temperature for a certain time and day - so their Hyundai will automatically activate the heater or air-conditioner ready for an upcoming drive.


EV Services

DC/AC Charging limits: BluelinkTM lets users take total control of charging their electric Hyundai. They can choose to use the default settings or set their own limits for fast and overall charging.

Energy consumption: Users can monitor their energy consumption via the BluelinkTM app within EV Services. They can look at distribution of power consumption across driving, electronic devices, climate control and battery care.

Charging alarm: Users can set an alarm in BluelinkTM to receive notifications informing them when charging will be complete 30, 20 and/or 10 minutes prior to completion.



Distance-to-empty (DTE): BluelinkTM lets users check remaining range before the drive and, if needed, they can top-up the charge in advance.

Charging status: Gives users a quick summary of the charging status of the vehicle. It will display if the charger is not plugged in, plugged in but not charging, charging or if it is reserved to charge at a later time. It also shows the percentage of battery level and if there are any scheduling charging or climate control services selected.


Remote EV Features

Climate control, charging & charging port: BluelinkTM users can start and stop climate control and charging as well as open and close charging port at the touch of a button in the app.



Charging stations: Finding EV charging stations has never been easier. Users can search for EV charging stations nearby or around the area they will be travelling to. They can then send the address to the car and set the destination.

Drivable distance radius: A handy BluelinkTM app tool that shows the drivable distance radius on a map for 80 percent and 100 percent of the current battery charge level.



All-new KONA features Over The Air (OTA) software update capability, which is the next technological milestone towards giving customers a truly connected vehicle experience.

OTA lets users perform remote software and firmware updates for key systems, without the need to visit a service centre.

Benefits of OTA include improving vehicle operations, providing additional convenience to customers, and improving operating efficiency at service centres.







KONA Electric

KONA Electric Premium

99kW 2WD

48.6 kWh Standard Range



150kW 2WD

64.8 kWh Extended Range





Option Pricing

KONA Electric

KONA Electric Premium

Metallic / Mica premium paint



Light Shale Grey / Sage Green interior



Note: All prices are Manufacturer’s List Price (MLP) and include Luxury Car Tax (LCT) where applicable. Price excludes dealer delivery and on road costs.


Lifetime Service Plan pricing


Service interval

24 mths

48 mths

72 mths

99kW / 150kW 2WD





Cost (incl. GST)





Hyundai iCare

iCare is our commitment to Hyundai owners, making sure their car ownership is as enjoyable, easy and extensive as imaginable. Expert service and support is provided with Hyundai's Lifetime Service Plan so customers can enjoy exclusive service pricing with no hidden fees, Premium Roadside Support Plan and Sat Nav Update Plan while the vehicle is serviced by Hyundai.

Plus, a suite of other owner benefits like, access to myHyundai, an online portal designed to help Hyundai owners get to know their new car and access to special offers, and the support of our dedicated customer care experts, always on hand to help with any questions or issues that customers may have,

All that and the reassurance of Hyundai’s 5 Year/Unlimited km vehicle warranty and 8 Year/160,000km high-voltage battery warranty providing customers with the care they need, when they need it.



KONA Electric

48.6 kWh Standard Range

64.8 kWh Extended Range

Key specification summary:



Hyundai SmartSense including:

Heat pump

12.3” multimedia system w/DAB+ radio

- Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance

Battery conditioning system

Navigation w/Bluelink® live traffic

   Assist (BCA)

Vehicle to Load (V2L) - inside

Bluelink® connected car service

- Driver Status Monitor (DSM)

Smart Regenerative Braking 2.0

Over The Air (OTA) s/w update capability

- FCA Direct Oncoming (FCA-DO)

i-Pedal - Intelligent one pedal driving mode

6 Speakers

- FCA Evasive Steering Assist

Virtual Engine Sound System (VESS)

Voice Control

(FCA - w/ESA)

Multi Collision-Avoidance Brake (MCB)

Leather steering wheel & gear knob

- FCA Junction Crossing /

7 airbags – w/front centre airbag

Shift By Wire (SBW), steering column mounted

Junction Turning (FCA - JC/JT)

Parking Distance Warning – front & rear

Centre console - open type

- FCA Lane-Change Oncoming / Side

17” alloy wheels w/ 215/60 tyres

Dual zone climate control


Temporary spare wheel

LED interior lighting

- High Beam Assist (HBA)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Wireless phone charger

- Intelligent Speed Limit Assist

Satin chrome beltline/roof spoiler garnish

Premium cloth seats


Cladding - body colour painted

Driver/passenger seat height adjust.

- Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-

Heated exterior mirrors

Driver seat 2-way lumbar support

   Avoidance Assist (RCCA)

LED MFR headlights w/LED DRL’s

Front seat back storage pockets

- Safe Exit Warning (SEW)

LED taillights (bulb turn/reverse/licence plate)

Rear seat centre fold-down armrest

- Smart Cruise Control

Rain sensing wipers

Electro Chromatic Mirror (ECM)

   w/Stop & Go (SCC w/S&G)

Smart Key system w/Remote Start

Luggage net

   w/Machine Learning (SCC w/ML)

12.3" full digital instrument cluster




KONA Electric Premium

64.8 kWh Extended Range

Key specification summary above KONA Electric:


Hyundai SmartSense including:

Privacy rear glass

10-way power/memory driver seat (IMS)

- Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM)

19" Alloy wheels with 235/45 tyres

8-way power passenger seat

- Parking Collision Avoidance

LED quad-projection beam headlights

Premium relaxation front seats

   Assist-Reverse (PCA-R)

LED ‘Seamless Horizon’ front parking light

Heated & Ventilated front seats

- 3D Surround View Monitor (SVM)

LED front/rear turn signals

Heated rear outboard seats

Parking Distance Warning (PDW-F/S/R)

Smart power tailgate

Heated steering wheel

Remote Smart Parking (RSPA)

Head-Up Display (HUD)

Ambient mood lighting

Acoustic laminated/solar w/shield

Bose™ 8 speaker premium audio

Wide glass sunroof w/power sunshade

Solar control front door glass

Leather appointed interior

Cloth knit headlining


Note: KONA Electric standard safety and other specifications differ from those of KONA Petrol and Hybrid. Differences above KONA Hybrid are highlighted in green.