Electric vehicle: the future of mobility.

03 March, 2018

Everyone wants change, but not everyone makes it. That’s why we’ve taken the future of mobility in our hands to produce the next generation of eco-friendly motoring. We’re developing eco-friendly cars using biofuel, hybrids, electric and hydrogen fuel cells.


Introducing the IONIQ Electric Vehicle (EV) – the world has never seen anything like it.

In addition, Hyundai is also focused on the ultimate goal of developing zero CO2 emission vehicles. Our low-carbon green technology strategy is known as Blue Drive, and it’s just another example of Hyundai’s commitment to ‘New Thinking, New Possibilities’.


A seductive mixture of technology and style, IONIQ is the first to offer three electrified powertrains within one body type: Hybrid, Electric and Plug-in Hybrid.

One of the most striking things about the IONIQ Electric Vehicle is how quiet and smooth it is to drive. That’s because the technologies behind IONIQ Electric are perfectly simple: an 88kW electric motor couples to a 28kWh battery.

The IONIQ range combines conventional and forward thinking in its car design, maintaining IONIQ’s design purity from front to rear. With an incredible drag coefficient (Cd) of just 0.24, the IONIQ proves its sleek silhouette is more than just a design style – it’s a pure statement of dynamic confidence.

IONIQ is effortlessly elegant and equally forward-thinking on both the outside and inside. The IONIQ displays ultimate sophistication with every button, shape and line designed around the philosophy of clean simplicity.

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The first 100% electric small SUV. The Kona Electric delivers class leading strength, and vibrant design. Quieter than your regular SUV, it is more economical to run, and also comes with lower servicing costs.

"We’ve received a lot of expressions of interest for both IONIQ Electric and Kona Electric, particularly from fleet and government,” says Guido Schenken, PR manager for Hyundai Australia. "We are expecting strong demand for both models when they go on sale locally later this year.

Meanwhile Hyundai has taken over 20,000 reservations globally for the Kona Electric.

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At Hyundai we’re proud of our Blue Drive strategy and commitment to a future of zero CO2 emission vehicles.

One of the ways in which we are achieving our low-carbon green technology goals is through the use of direct injection systems that improve efficiency and reduce emissions in gasoline engines. We have also developed high-efficiency transmissions that deliver excellent fuel economy, and we only use advanced high-strength steels that reduce the weight of vehicles

Investing in sustainability

As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable future, we opened the Eco Technology Research Institute. This has enabled Hyundai to carry out consistent policies across all operations, and also to respond swiftly and proactively to ever-more-stringent environmental regulations.

One of our key aims is to minimise waste at the end of a vehicle’s life, ultimately achieving a 95% vehicle-recycling rate by weight.

Hyundai goes above and beyond in our drive for cleaner, safer and more sustainable working practices. And by monitoring greenhouse gas emissions at all of our workplaces in Korea, we are forging ahead with creating a low-carbon culture.

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