Purchase a new Hyundai without leaving your lounge thanks to Cl!ck to Buy.

10 March, 2020

By now, most of us would have tried our hands at online shopping, whether it be new clothes, electronics, or maybe just your groceries.

But did you know that you can also now buy your dream car without having to leave the home?

It’s all thanks to Hyundai’s Cl!ck to Buy, which allows you to configure the car that’s right for you, click to buy it online, and sit back while your nearest Hyundai dealer organises the rest.

It’s not only convenient, but it’s also a timely addition to Hyundai’s offerings given the newfound need for self-isolation and quarantining as a result of COVID-19. If you can’t make it to the dealership due to the health risks involved, it’s good to know you have the option to purchase online from your mobile phone.

If you know what you want, you don’t even need to speak to a dealer to finalise the transaction – just complete the process online and Hyundai will arrange a time to deliver to your door.

A simple six-step process

1. Select your car

First, select your preferred Hyundai vehicle. If you need further information, there are readily available details on performance, convenience and safety features.

2. Select colour

Choose your preferred colour for exterior and trim for interior. You can even take advantage of a 360-degree vide of the interior and exterior as you do so.

3. Review your selection

Do you want to book the car only or make a full online purchase? If you go for Full Online Purchase, you can then select your desired promotion, accessories and extended warranty, and a sales consultant will be assigned to assist you in the online journey. You can even choose if you want your car to be delivered at home or picked up from the Dealership.


4. Our Quotation

Check out the full summary of your vehicle and the estimated purchase amount along with RTO insurance cost. You’ll receive a Deal Code, which includes best discounts and offers applicable for your purchase.

5. Your Financing Options

You can complete your purchase online either by paying via your bank account or applying for a loan with banking partners. If you prefer the latter, in this step you can check your loan eligibility – and remember, your sales consultant will be there to assist you if needed.

6. Finalise Your Order

Congratulations – you’re now the owner of a brand new Hyundai vehicle – and you didn’t even have to leave your lounge! Click on My Profile to view your order summary, and if you chose the delivery option, sit back and wait for your new Hyundai to arrive.

For further information about Hyundai Cl!ck to buy or to get started follow the link below:

Cl!ck to Buy

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