08 July, 2016

Each year, the technology and complexity in our vehicles increases as they become more technically advanced with new systems and features, safer, more efficient, and provide more benefits for our customers. This is indeed a specialist industry and hence requires highly trained specialists with specific unique skills in order to service our vehicles to keep them operating the way they were originally designed.

Looking to  the future,  the industry  requires a comprehensive range of  skilled personnel and Hyundai has developed an extraordinary infrastructure  designed to  provide the training and skill necessary to compete in today’s market environment. As the demand for cutting edge products grows, so too does the demand for higher service skills to meet the expectations of our customers.

For 2016, as part of the Hyundai Academy, to promote and reward excellence in customer satisfaction at all levels, HMCA is hosting the Hyundai National Service Advisor Competition.  The top 10 achievers will complete in the National Service Advisor championships in September in Sydney. The top two winners from the National competition will have the opportunity to compete in the 3rd World Skills Competition in Korea. To prove their excellence and knowledge  and compete against the rest of the  world. This will be held in in Korea 11th – 14th October 2016