Over the Air software updates.

Over the Air software updates*.

OTA software update (OTA: Over-The-Air) refers to the technology that updates software programs in your Hyundai at the push of a button using wireless communication[P1]. This ensures your Hyundai is always up-to-date with all the latest software for peak performance and driving pleasure.

OTA software update.

The OTA software service can update your vehicle’s system software remotely, allowing you to keep your vehicle up to date without visiting a dealership. The service is only available on selected models and will expand across the range of Hyundai vehicles.


Get ready.

When a new update becomes available, the vehicle automatically downloads[P1] the software over the air, and gets ready to update. You will be prompted to install the software update via the in-vehicle infotainment screen.


In progress.

Only proceed with the installation when you have enough time as the vehicle cannot be driven, charged, or sent remote commands via the Bluelink™ app when the software is installing. Depending on the software version, the update time can vary.



When the vehicle software has been updated successfully. You can check the details of the update through the QR code on the in-vehicle infotainment screen or by visiting the Hyundai website.



You will need to ensure Bluelink™ is activated in your vehicle to receive OTA updates[P2}. Your car will download the latest software automatically while you are driving.
You will receive a notification through the Bluelink™ app (if account is linked to vehicle) or in the vehicle infotainment screen.
Depending on the update required, the time for software installation will vary. The update time will be displayed on the vehicle screen.
For safety reasons you will not be able to drive, charge (EV models) or use remote features (i.e; Starting your vehicle). Please read the OTA user manual for more details.
You can select ‘later’ on your vehicle’s infotainment screen if you are not ready to have the software installed. Please note you cannot cancel the software update once it has started.
You will get a notification via the Bluelink™ App or a message will be displayed on the vehicle infotainment screen. These messages will prompt you with further instructions on whether it is safe to drive the vehicle, or who to contact - Hyundai Customer Care, Hyundai Dealer or Roadside Assistance.
IONIQ 6 will be the first vehicle launching with OTA. Any previous models with or without Bluelink™ will not be compatible.
IONIQ 6 will be the first vehicle launching with OTA and this service will expand across the range of Hyundai vehicles in the future.
No. When the engine is turned off, the infotainment screen displays an 'Update Preparation Notification Window' and the update is executed by the Customer's Approval [Update Now button].

Software notice.

OTA update coming soon.
When new software is released, you will be advised. Check back for more information for your vehicle.


* Ts and Cs apply. Refer to section 7 of the Bluelink Terms of Use for further details.

Bluelink™ is a registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company.

[P1] Subject to Vehicle Connectivity.

[P2] Requires compatible device & app installation, third party info, mobile data, network reception and GPS signal to operate. Mobile usage at user’s cost. Not available in areas not covered by the Optus 4G/3G network in Australia or if services are disabled or terminated. Features and app are subject to change. For details see