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We’ve tried to make sure you find every stage along the road to owning a Hyundai a thoroughly positive experience. From flexible financing and tailored insurance cover, to software updates and long-term warranties, we’ll make available everything you could need to get the most out of your car, now and way down the road.


5 Year Unlimited Km Warranty.


Lifetime Service Plan.


Premium Roadside Support Plan.


Sat Nav Update Plan.

Common questions

To help you better understand what you're buying, we have listed our most commonly asked questions below. To see our full glossary of terms, please click on the link below.

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This is a total price that factors in how much a car costs to buy inclusive of purchase price, dealer charges, third party insurance, registration and other government fees, so there are no surprises when you take possession and “drive away” from the dealer.
This is a Hyundai finance product that provides three flexible options to consider at the end of your finance contract: Keep your Hyundai and pay out the balance; return it to us and use its value to lower the amount owing; trade it in on a new Hyundai. Looking for flexible finance? Learn more about our financing and borrowing options here.