Hyundai CarPlan®

Car finance that puts choices in your hands.

How is Hyundai CarPlan® different?

Hyundai CarPlan®[H1] has been developed by Hyundai Finance® to provide greater flexibility. Life’s full of surprises and while you won’t always know what’s around the corner, with Hyundai CarPlan®[H1] you’ll always have the right car for the journey there. Trade it, retain it or return it. The choice is yours.

Personally Tailored Solution.
Choose the term of your finance contract, the deposit (if any) and the kilometers you intend to travel[H3].
Greater flexibility.
At the end of the finance contract term, you’ll have the choice to keep your Hyundai, trade it in or return it to us.
More options.
At the end of the contract, you can choose to pay any amount owing to keep your Hyundai, or return your vehicle to us and use the Guaranteed Future Value[H1] to meet any amount owing on the contract, or trade it in at your preferred Hyundai dealer and continue your journey with us.

How does Hyundai CarPlan® work?


Choose the car.

Visit a participating Hyundai dealer and select an eligible Hyundai[H2].


Define your contract.

Choose the deposit you wish to pay, the length of the loan term and the kilometres you will travel each year[H3].


At the end of the contract.

Decide what you want to do with the vehicle[H5] – keep it, trade it or return it.

When your contract ends.

It all depends where you are in your life. Sport, kids, dogs, weekends away, work. Choose what’s right for you and your life.

Trade it.
Trade in your Hyundai at your preferred Hyundai dealer giving you the chance to step into the latest Hyundai model and continue your journey with us.
Retain it.
Keep your Hyundai by paying any amounts owing on your finance contract or apply through Hyundai Finance™ to refinance the amount owing[H2].
Return it.
Return your Hyundai to us knowing that the Guaranteed Future Value will be sufficient to repay the amount owing under your finance contract[H1].

Maintaining your vehicle.

To ensure you enjoy the full benefits of the Hyundai CarPlan®[H1], your Hyundai must be in an acceptable condition when you return or trade it in[H2] and must not exceed the kilometre limit you have selected. Of course, we also understand that some reasonable wear and tear is to be expected, but the condition of your vehicle needs to remain within the provisions of your Hyundai CarPlan®[H1] contract and Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines.

Where the vehicle is not in acceptable condition or where you have exceeded your kilometre limit, you will be liable to pay any outstanding repair costs or excess kilometre charges.

Fair Wear and Tear brochure

Next steps

Common questions.

To help get you started, we've outlined the answers to key questions when
applying for finance.

Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is the minimum future value of your vehicle at the end of the loan term and is determined by Hyundai Finance™ before the start of your loan. If you choose to return your vehicle or trade it in at the end of the term, you can use the GFV to satisfy the balloon amount on your finance contract.
Once you have chosen your vehicle, you can select either a 36 or 48 loan term and choose how many kilometres you plan to travel within a year. We will then tell you what your GFV is. The GFV will be equal to the balloon amount.
You must tell us or the dealer of your intention to use the GFV and an inspection of your vehicle will be organised. You will be advised upon completion of the inspection whether the vehicle meets Fair Wear and Tear guidelines, is within contracted kilometres and whether other contractual obligations have been met. If all conditions are met, you return the vehicle to us and the GFV will be used towards the balloon amount under your loan.


Finance to approved applicants only. Credit criteria, fees, charges and T&Cs apply. Finance is provided by Allied Retail Finance Pty Ltd trading as Hyundai Finance ABN 31 609 859 985 Australian Credit Licence 483211.

Hundai Carplan® and Hyundai Finance® are registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company.

[H1] The Hyundai CarPlan from Hyundai Finance (HF) is a feature which ensures you receive the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) (determined by HF) at the end of the term, subject to terms and conditions. The GFV is the minimum future value of your vehicle as determined by HF and set out in your contract. At the end of the term, you can select from three options: (1) sell or trade-in the vehicle and repay your loan balance; (2) return the vehicle to us; or (3) retain the vehicle by paying the GFV amount, which is a lump sum amount owed to us at the end of the loan term. Total interest payable on the loan will be higher than a fixed rate loan if you select the GFV option. Monthly repayments will be lower compared to a similar loan term with no GFV or equivalent balloon final payment. Available on new and demonstrator Hyundai vehicles for selected models only. Vehicle eligibility is subject to change. If you decide to return your car at the end of your term, HF, or another person or entity with HF's agreement will purchase the vehicle from you for the GFV, which will be applied to reduce your outstanding loan amount. However, you will need to pay us an additional amount if the vehicle is damaged or you have travelled excess kilometres. Credit criteria, fees, charges and terms and conditions apply. Finance is provided by Allied Retail Finance trading as Hyundai Finance ABN 31 609 859 985 Australian credit licence 483211.

[H2] The feature is available on all new and demonstrator Hyundai vehicles on selected models only. Please verify with your dealership which vehicles are eligible for the program.

[H3] The information provided on this website by Allied Retail Finance Pty Ltd trading as Hyundai Finance ABN 31 609 859 985 Australian Credit Licence 483211 is general in nature and for information only. Nothing on this website constitutes or should be considered to constitute legal, taxation or financial advice. Before making a decision about any of the product and services featured on this website, you should consult with your own independent legal, taxation and financial advisors, who can advise you about your personal circumstances.

[H4] Your total interest charged may be higher if you choose the Guaranteed Future Value feature for your loan, compared to a loan without the feature.

[H5] Subject to the Guaranteed Future Value Terms and Conditions (available upon request).

[H6] Pre-Paid Service Plan: Prices shown are RRP and are inclusive of GST. For scheduled services only which are of limited scope, including parts. Does not include wear and tear items: eg, brake pads. Only applies to vehicles for which, at the time of sale, services under a Pre-Paid Service Plan are yet to be redeemed in accordance with all Terms and Conditions. For full Terms and Conditions, please download the PDF.

[H7]This calculator is indicative only, and may not take into account your personal circumstances, finance offer changes, fees, charges and interest rate differences. The results of this calculator should not be relied upon for the purpose of a loan application, and are not an offer for the purpose of obtaining finance. All interest rates displayed are guides only.