Clown DoctorsTM

Bringing laughter and joy to kids in hospital when they need it most.

Delivering the health benefits of laughter and joy.

Clown DoctorsTM is The Humour Foundation’s flagship program and works in partnership with medical and health professionals to deliver the benefits of laughter to those who need it most. A simple smile on the face of a sick or injured child and their family really is priceless.

The medical benefits of laughter and joy.

It was due to the vision of a performer who wanted to use his talents to give something back to the community, and a general practitioner who believed deeply in the benefits of humour, that in 1996, together with six founding members, this remarkable program was created. Clown Doctors is one of the first organisations to benefit from the assistance of Hyundai Help for Kids.


Huge doses of fun and laughter.

Clown Doctors address the psychosocial needs of the child in hospital in a unique way. Parodying the hospital routine, the Clown Doctors help children feel less traumatised by medical procedures.
Oversized medical equipment, ‘red-nose’ transplants, ‘cat’ scans, humour checks, and funny bone examinations are all part of the fun. By exaggerating intimidating jargon and procedures, fear and anxiety are reduced.


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