6 reasons to use sat nav over phone apps.

6 reasons to use sat nav over phone apps.

16 July, 2018

Should I use a dedicated Sat Nav device or a smartphone app?

These days we rarely keep a humble street directory in the glovebox, but we still rely on maps to reach our destinations. Now the question is whether to use a dedicated Sat Nav device or a smartphone app?

Thanks to modern technology, our maps can be updated to reflect changing roads, buildings, landmarks, points of interest and live traffic conditions, but factory-fitted in-vehicle satellite navigation systems still offer a number of advantages over their smartphone app counterparts. Here are 6 reasons to own a Hyundai and enjoy the Hyundai iCare Sat Nav Update Plan.




The major benefit of built-in satellite navigation is the ability to access completely accurate maps and directions when you need them. With Hyundai iCare you receive complimentary map updates featuring major road/infrastructure additions and enhancements, Point of Interest enhancements, Point Addressing enhancements and Extended Lanes enhancements. With a Hyundai Sat Nav Update Plan you always know where you’re going.




Negotiating roads and traffic is a constantly evolving challenge. Situations change and you may need to alter your driving route. That’s why it’s so important to receive smart traffic information and warnings on the run, for example speed camera and road closure warnings, as well as other handy hints like advanced lane selection. A dedicated Sat Nav offers real-time navigation assistance you can trust, and that’s what it’s all about.



Smartphones might be permanently connected, but apps use data to download the latest maps so there’s no guarantee they will reach your device while you’re driving. Sat Nav, on the other hand, comes with pre-installed offline maps and only relies on free GPS coverage, so you can hit the road with peace of mind.




Let’s be honest, our smartphones are constantly receiving notifications for text messages, emails, social media updates and more. It’s nice to be popular, but the problem occurs when these notifications interrupt the app’s navigation and you lose track of the plan. Meanwhile a dedicated Sat Nav system would have stayed focused on its primary task.



It’s annoying to attach, remove and re-attach your smartphone throughout every journey. If the phone falls it might get damaged or distract your eyes from the road ahead, while resting the phone on your lap or dash is a disaster waiting to happen. Fortunately, there’s no messing about with awkward smartphone mounts and charging cables when you drive a Hyundai with factory-fitted Sat Nav. It’s all there ready to go without ever getting in your way.




Your smartphone is wonderful in so many ways, but it wasn’t designed specifically for GPS navigation. And if there’s one area a smartphone clearly can’t compete with Sat Nav it’s battery life. Running GPS for navigation on your phone seriously saps its battery, meaning it’s difficult to fully charge your phone even when it’s plugged into your car.

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