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Hyundai Auto Link Driving Challenges.

Our recent series of driving challenges was a great success and gave us fascinating insights into the safe and economical driving habits of Hyundai drivers.


Over 1,000 of Hyundai drivers competed against each other in the ‘Hyundai Auto Link Driving Challenges’ via the Hyundai Auto Link app – with some sensational results recorded and fantastic prizes claimed by the winners.

The top achievements and insights included:

Best Driver: The best driver is a male from NSW, aged between 30 and 49 years. He owns a yellow Kona and has been driving for more than 10 years. The winner earned 370 good driving badges!

Best ‘Good driver’ profile: Females under the age of 30 with over 10 years’ driving experience earned the most driving badges on average.

‘Best fuel efficiency driver’ profile: They are aged between 30-49 years and have been driving for longer than 10 years.

See below for more interesting insights.


We also pitted three Hyundai Auto Link drivers from different generations, against each other.

Watch the six episodes below to see who was crowned champion.

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