Benefits of Hyundai servicing online booking.

01 October, 2018

At Hyundai we don’t just want you to love your vehicle, we want you to love the experience of being a Hyundai owner. Our online booking service is designed to make your life easier than ever before.


Hyundai online booking is a better and faster way to book your car for services, repairs and recalls.

Quote & Book a Service online today from wherever you are. Simply select your preferred Hyundai Dealer, get a quote and book your service online.

You can select from a list of factory schedule service items – such as complete global diagnostic system (GDS) check or 4 wheel alignment – based on the number of kilometres on your vehicle.


It is nice and smooth when you choose to book a new Hyundai online. We’ve made the online car booking process as convenient as possible so you can focus on other parts of your life.

Book online and get Priority Delivery status updates and Current Month Market Offers, as applicable on specified models.

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