Don’t say you can’t change the world.
Have you tried it?

You can’t make this much progress, unless you try.

Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. So when they say it’s not worth your time. Or not worth the effort. When they tell you it’s bound to fail. Or certain to flop. When they mention it’s too risky. Or too costly. When they shake their head. Or scratch their chin. When they say don’t bother. Or it’s not worth it. Ask them, how do you know if you haven’t tried it?

Our incredible journey.


Our founding spirit.

Despite humble origins, our founder, Chung Ju-Yung, was a born optimist. Starting as a rice delivery boy, he went on to set up a car repair service. This later became The Hyundai Motor Group, ‘Hyundai’ meaning ‘modern times’ – encapsulating his progressive vision


An ambition to rebuild.

Determined to help rebuild his country after the Korean War, Mr Chung forged ahead with a project to reconstruct the Goryeong Bridge. Hyundai quickly became responsible for building much of the country’s road infrastructure.


Seeking new challenges.

Having proven itself in building roads and bridges, Hyundai looked to bigger challenges. Ambitious new projects included the construction of the Soyang Dam and Jubail Industrial Harbour in Saudi Arabia, forged from steel produced at Hyundai’s very own steel plants.


Progress starts with imagination.

Familiar names such as Santa Fe, Tucson, i10, i20 and i30 were launched, with new models gaining respect of both industry experts and customers alike. With a regularly updated product range and an industry-leading warranty – Hyundai became one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.


The future at your fingertips.

The introduction of Bluelink® marks a steep change in Hyundai’s mission to create smart mobility solutions and a better future for everyone. Hyundai vehicles are no longer just a means of transport. Now, they’re mobile computers connected to wireless networks that provide the gateway to a super-connected intelligent lifestyle.

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Powering the future.

Hyundai is committed to creating emission-free mobility for a cleaner environment and healthier humanity. By 2045, our carbon neutral vision will be evident in our advanced environmental technologies for EVs, fuel cell electric vehicles, and hydrogen energy. Our promise is to build the most environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced vehicle range in the world.

Don’t say you can’t change the future.
The founder of Hyundai asked a simple question, and the response is rewriting the future of mobility.
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2022 IONIQ 5: Power your world.
Introducing the revised 2022 IONIQ 5 range: Hyundai’s dedicated battery electric model is now available in two variants with additional standard features.
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Hyundai Motor’s N Brand Unveils Two Rolling Lab Concepts, Signaling High-Performance Vision for Electrification Era.
Hyundai Motor’s high-performance N sub-brand is revealing its electrification vision to demonstrate the company’s.
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Hyundai Motor Shares Vision for Self-Driving IONIQ 5-based Robotaxi Through New Global Campaign.
Hyundai Motor Company today launched a global manifesto campaign called ‘Innovation Begins, from Very Human Things’ to share its vision for self-driving robotaxis.
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Hyundai Motor Unveils Design of All-Electric IONIQ 6, Electrified Streamliner with Mindful Interior Design.
Hyundai Motor Company today revealed the streamlined and timeless design of the highly anticipated IONIQ 6, the second model in its IONIQ dedicated all-electric-vehicle lineup brand.
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Take a deep breath of tomorrow.
Imagine a future where vehicles clean the air as they drive. Well, Hyundai has already created that future. It began in 2018 with the launch of NEXO, the world’s first mass produced hydrogen powered vehicle.
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