Save 4c per litre
on fuel at Caltex.


Fuel savings for myHyundai owners.

We partnered with Caltex to create this easy-to-claim discount that will save you money every time it’s time to refill the tank of your Hyundai.

Here’s all you have to do to save 4c per litre on fuel at Caltex:

Step 1.

Sign in to your myHyundai account or sign up to become a myHyundai member here.


Step 2.

Once you’re logged in, add your Hyundai to your Garage to activate the discount. Your Caltex discount tile will appear on your myHyundai dashboard. Open the tile to reveal your unique discount QR code.


Step 3.

Show your QR code to the attendant when paying for your fuel at a participating Caltex service station. They’ll automatically apply the discount for you, which will reduce the total fuel price by 4c/litre. Easy!

Your fuel discount can be used once per day and covers standard unleaded, E10, Caltex Vortex Premium 98, Vortex Premium 95, Vortex Premium Diesel and standard diesel.


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Offer: Save 4c per litre on fuels (Vortex Premium 98, Vortex Premium 95, Vortex Premium Diesel, unleaded, E10, diesel) at participating Caltex service stations.

Terms and conditions:
a. The Offer can only be activated by Hyundai myHyundai users with a valid subscription who have:
i. sign into the myHyundai portal (on a compatible smart phone);
ii. logged into MyHyundai; and
iii. opened the promotions section in the portal and show their Caltex discount QR code at participating locations.

b. The Offer:

  • is only available at participating Caltex locations.
  • is not available at Caltex Woolworths service stations;
  • cannot be used in conjunction with any other fuel discount or loyalty offer;
  • not available for commercial purposes; and
  • can only be used for one transaction per day, to fill a maximum of 120 litres.

*Available at participating Caltex service stations only. Not available at Woolworths Caltex locations. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other fuel discount or loyalty offer. Not for commercial use. Limited to 1 transaction per day, up to 120 litres.