Unveiling the RN30.

Concepting the RN30.

In 2016, we unveiled the RN30 concept car in collaboration with our Hyundai Motorsport and High Performance Divisions.

Lightweight and low gravity centre.

The RN30’s unique demands led to developing an all-new high-performance plastic with leading global chemical company BASF. It also came fitted with specialised technologies designed to provide driver control and make this powerful racing machine responsive and sure footed on even the most challenging of race tracks. 

Floating fenders and 1,355mm of height.

An unmistakeable silhouette, that delivers low gravity driving and stability during high-speed cornering. Exterior Design features include cascading radiator grille intake, robust rear spoiler, large rear diffuser and 19-inch alloy wheels.


High Performance sports pleasure.

The sporty pleasure of driving an RN30 comes to life when you hear the 2.0 litre turbo engine roar on the track, or when you see the advanced technology combined with aerodynamic design enable accurate and easy driving. 


The RN30 inspired our sports range.

The RN30’s unique technology and design has inspired our i30 N, and N-line variants. You can see some of the technology and design features come to life in our sports vehicles available for you today.

Explore the range .


i30 N

Sit down. Buckle up. Hold on.

  • $50,692* - $59,379 D/A
  • Available in 6 options


Comfortable. Luxurious. Sporty.

  • $27,762* - $46,400 D/A
  • Available in 19 options

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