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What is Hyundai Subscription

Hyundai Subscription is an entirely new way of getting a brand new car, without having to buy or own one. It is more flexible than traditional car ownership, and also more affordable. You can get a brand new car of your choice with zero downpayment and zero road tax. The car will be ordered specifically for you. After completing a lock-in period of 12 months, you have the option to keep using it for as long as you want (till 48 months) at a flat monthly fee - you can opt-out anytime between the 12th and 48th month, and your monthly fee will stop getting billed. And if you fall in love with your can and want to own it, you can acquire (buy) it from us at a pre-determined settlement charge.

To know more about Hyundai subscription, please call us at +91 - 8929655141

  • FAQs

    Q. For how long can I keep the car?

    Ans. The minimum period of usage (i.e., the lock-in period) is 12 months. The maximum period is 48 months. At the end of 48 months, you need to either return or acquire the car. Please note that both the options (return or acquire) are available to you all the time between the 12th month and the 48th month.

    Q. When can I return the car?

    Ans. Yes, you can opt to return the car anytime after the 12th month of usage. The lock-in period is there because a new car will be ordered specifically for you. We understand that your lifestyle and needs change (and those changes are often hard to predict), hence you do NOT need to tell us your desired period of usage at the time of starting - you are committing to the car for only 12 months, and after that, you can decide as you go. You just need to give us 3 weeks of notice before returning the car.

    Q. What if I want to return my car within the lock-in period?

    Ans. Returning the car before completing the lock-in period of 12 months will entail a penalty of Rs 20,000.

    Q. What if I want to change my car model after using it for some months?

    Ans. Hyundai Subscription gives you a flexibility to experiment with different cars. Once you complete the first 12 months usage, you can return the car and get a new one from Hyundai Subscription.

    Q. Will this be a brand new car?

    Ans. Yes, you will get a brand new car, straight from the dealership as per your choice of color and variant. The car will be ordered specifically for you. Multiple car models, variants and colors are available under Hyundai Subscription.

    Q. What will be the registration category of the car?

    Ans. The car will be registered with a black number plate. It is a premium category of commercial registration, typically used by high-end hotels and large corporates. It comes with an All India Tourist Permit

    Q. Is there any downpayment required to get the car?

    Ans. No, you don't need to pay any downpayment to get the car. And not even the hefty road tax.

    Q. What do I need to pay to get the car?

    Ans. You need to pay the for the first year’s insurance at the time of ordering the car (just like you would have bought insurance for your own car). This is typically 4-5% of the car’s ex-showroom price. And before taking its delivery, you need to pay the first month’s advance fee.

    Q. How will payment work?

    Ans. Before taking the delivery of the car, you will need to sign a few documents (including the user agreement), and to give us a cancelled cheque of your bank account. This will allow us to set up an automatic debit mechanism on your bank account, for the next 12 months - this automatic debit will happen only as long as you are using the car. We will cancel the automatic debit once you return the car.

    Q. What are the charges in case of damages?

    Ans. Your car will be covered by comprehensive insurance, to take care of damage cases. This works similarly to the zero-depreciation insurance policy that you would otherwise buy for your own car. On every case of damage, your maximum liability would be Rs 10,000 (similar to the minimum deductible that is paid in a private car insurance). This is independent of the nature and terms of the insurance cover that we have on the cars.
    In situations of irresponsible or unsafe or negligent usage, there could be discretionary exceptions to this policy, whereby you could be liable for all damages irrespective of whether or not we are able to claim insurance in such cases. Examples of such situation include, but are not limited to:
    When the User is not in compliance with the laws and/or with terms of Hyundai Subscription User Agreement
    When the User is found to be under the influence of alcohol/narcotics while driving
    When the User is in violation of traffic rules or of the Motor Vehicles Act (for example, if the User has not paid the inter-state tax while crossing a state border)
    When the vehicle workshop and/or insurance company deem the damage to be consequential in nature (this will be clearly stated in the accident report). Consequential damage occurs when the User continues driving the car even when it is performing abnormally
    When the number of people in the car at the time of the incident exceed the standard seating capacity of the car
    When there is misrepresentation of information in the driving license and ID proof details shared by the user
    Where there is clear evidence of extremely rash and negligent driving on the user’s part".

    Q. What about the insurance?

    Ans. Insurance for the first year, and also for subsequent years (as long as you are using the car) will be paid by you, at the start of each year. We will alert you when the insurance renewal is due, you will make the payment to us, and we will buy the insurance.

    Q. Can I share my car with someone and split costs ?

    Ans. Yes, of course! Please treat it as your own car. But please remember that you will continue being liable for the car (and all associated incidents) even when someone else is driving it. Also, this excludes commercial usage of car (e.g., using it as a taxicab, or sub-renting it), which is not allowed.

    Q. Who will take care of the maintenance of car?

    Ans. The monthly fee is inclusive of maintenance cost. All scheduled services are covered in it, and unscheduled repairs are also covered. We will pickup the car from you place, get it serviced/repaired, and deliver it back to you.
    We would recommend that you do NOT get the car repaired or serviced yourself. In unavoidable situations (e.g., breakdowns), you can get the car repaired after informing us of the situation, workshop and expenses beforehand. We will send an email confirmation authorising the repair, and we will reimburse the expenses in such cases.
    The expenses of any repair or service performed without such authorisation will not be reimbursed. Also, if such repair or service affects the manufacturer’s warranty on the car, you will be liable for the same.

    Q. What is included in maintenance?

    Ans. Inclusions under maintenance:
    All periodic maintenance as per manufacturer’s service manual
    All running repairs which would include engine, suspension, steering, clutch, brakes, air conditioning/ heating, electrical and lighting, assemblies, sub-assemblies, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, labour, etc.
    Maintenance and servicing of all standard accessories and equipment (that come pre-fitted from the manufacturer) of the car
    All consumables for service, maintenance and repairs
    Tyres and battery 

    Exclusions under maintenance:
    Repair of punctured tyre
    Rubbing & polishing, Teflon coating, underbody coating, body corrosion, seat dry-cleaning and other cosmetic jobs
    Replacement and maintenance of non-standard accessories such as music system, speakers, antenna, wheel caps, side view mirrors, seat covers, mats, mud flaps, speakers, fog lamps, seat upholstery, etc.
    Repair due to damages caused by user negligence such as running on a flat tyre, not paying heed to oil warning lamp temperature gauge, usage of adulterated or non manufacturer specified standard fuels, consequential damage due to driving post accident, etc.
    Unusual/excess wear-and-tear (e.g., replacement of consumables such as tyres, clutch plates, brake pads and discs etc. much before their standard life is exhausted)
    Consequential damage due to non adherence of service schedule
    Repair or replacement of number plates
    Pollution Under Check certification and other statutory licenses/clearances as may be required from time to time

    To experience optimal performance from your car, we suggest that maintenance schedules, as prescribed by the manufacturer, be followed. Details on mileage and time schedules can be found in the Owner’s manual provided with your car. Often erratic/delayed maintenance schedules lead to damage to the car, which may also lead to cancellation of the warranty.

    Q. What to do if the car meets with an accident?

    Ans. In such cases, please notify us immediately (by calling us) and we will guide you through the entire process. We will coordinate with the road-side assistance and insurance. Unless unavoidable, please do not leave the scene of the accident until proper support has arrived. You may be required to file/sign formality documents associated with the accident.

    Q. What is maximum liability in case of an accident?

    Ans. On every case of damage, your maximum liability would be Rs 10,000 (similar to the minimum deductible that is paid in a private car insurance). This is independent of the nature and terms of the insurance cover that we have on the cars.

    Q. Will Hyundai Subscription provide roadside assistance too?

    Ans. Yes, roadside assistance is included. It covers:
    Mechanical or electrical breakdown
    Battery problems: flat battery
    Key problems: locked keys, lost keys, or broken keys
    Road traffic accident where the car is immobilised

    Q. How long will it take to get the car?

    Ans. In most cases, we expect it to take around 1 month, from the payment of booking amount to the delivery of the car. For car models/variants/colors that are available only after a waiting period, this could take longer. However, as a bulk buyer of cars, we will do our best to accelerate the process.

    Q. Will the car be fitted with Speed Governor?

    Ans. The car would be registered under Revv cars self-drive car rental license, which makes it commercial in nature. As per government regulations, all the commercial cars need to be fitted with speed governors. So yes, your car comes with a speed governor installed that limits your speed to 80km/h. Please do remember that this is for your own Safety.