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Enjoy a special bond with your car.


Now your Hyundai car will be more than just a utility. Because it will now be equipped with Bluelink, a platform that enables an easy flow of critical information between you and your car. It is an Artificial Intelligence based technology, with inbuilt SIM card and a 24x7 call centre that enhances your safety, security and convenience. It can perform a range of functions with ease. In short, Bluelink is designed to enhance the connected driving experience.

Hyundai Bluelink Features*

Safety - Auto Crash Notification (ACN) o o o o o o o o
Safety - SOS/Emergency Assistance o o o o o o o o
Safety - Road Side Assistance o o o o o o o -
Safety - Panic Notification - - o o - - - -
Safety - Valet Mode o o - - - - o o
Security - Stolen Vehicle Tracking o o o o o o o o
Security - Stolen Vehicle Notification o o o o o o o o
Security - Stolen Vehicle Immobilization o o o o o o o o
Remote - Engine Start/Stop (Variant Specific) - o (AT / MT) o (AT) o (AT/MT) o (AT/MT) o (AT/ MT) o (AT) -
Remote - Climate Control ON / OFF - o (AT / MT) o (AT) o (AT/MT) o (AT/MT) o (AT/ MT) o (AT) o
Remote - Door Lock/Unlock o o o o o o o o
Remote - Horn Honk & Light o o o o o o o o
Remote - Lamp (Tail & Hazard) Control o - - - - - - -
Remote - Vehicle Status Check o o o o o o o o
Remote - Find My Car Location o o o o o o o o
VR - POI + Location o o o o o o o o
Remote - Share My Car (APP Sharing) o o o o o o o o
Remote - Tire Pressure Information o o o o o o o o
Remote - Seat Ventilation Control/Status - - - - o o o -
Remote - Air Purifier ON - - - - o o - -
Remote - Fuel Level Information o o o o o o o -
Remote - In-Vehicle Air Quality Status - - - - o o - -
Remote - Pro-Active Vehicle Status Alert* o o o o o o o o
VRM - Auto DTC Check (Diagnosis) o o o o o o o o
VRM - Manual DTC Check (Diagnosis) 0 0 0 o o o o o
VRM - Monthly Health Report o o o o o o o o
VRM - Maintenance Alert o o o o o o o o
VRM - Driving Information/Behavior o o o o o o o o

GIS - Destination Send to Car (from Mobile APP) o o o o o o o o
GIS - Real-Time POI Search o o o o o o o o
GIS - Real-Time Traffic Information o o o o o o o o
GIS - Share the destination (from Device) o o o o o o o o
GIS- Real-Time Vehicle Tracking (from APP) o o o o o o o o
GIS - Share & Track Vehicle Location (from APP) o o o o o o o o
GIS - Schedule Linked Destination Setting o o o o o o o o
GIS - Final Destination Guidance o o - - - - o o
GIS - POI serch - Rear View Mirror button o o - - - - o o
GIS - Server Based Route Guidance o o - - - - o o
Alert Services - Geo-fence o o o o o o o o
Alert Services - Speed o o o o o o o o
Alert Services - Time Fencing o o o o o o o o
Alert Services - Valet o o o o o o o o
Alert Services - Engine Idle o o o o o o o o
Calling - Dial by Name / Number o (SMS / Search) o (SMS / Search) o o o o o (SMS / Search) o (SMS / Search)
Calling - Contact info - - - o o o o -
Map Control - Show Map, Cancel Route, etc. / Where am I o (Where am I) o (Where am I) o o (Where am I) o (Where am I) o (Where am I) o (Where am I) o
VR - Weather o o o o o o o o
VR - Time & DateTime & date, Time differences b/w Countries o o o o o o o o
VR -Holiday - Indian Holidays info. o o o o o o o o
VR - Media Control (Open Media / Radio / Tune Frequency / USB / Bluetooth)Open Media o o o o o o o o
VR - Sports - Cricket o - o o o o o o
VR - Sports - Soccer o - - o o o o o
Hello “Bluelink” - - - - o o - -
Wake-Up Word - Welcome Message - - - - o o - -
VR - Car Control - Climate Control (Set Temp, Fan speed etc.,) o o o o o o o o
VR - Car Control - Sunroof open / close o o - o o o o -
VR - Car Control - Window Driver side (Open / Close) - - - o o o - -
VR - Car Control - Wind Direction (Floor/Face/Combi.) o o o o o o o o
VR - Car Control - Air intake type (Fresh/Circulation) - - o o o o - -
VR - Car Control - Defroster (Front/Rear) o o o o o o o o
VR - Car Control - Seat Ventilation ^ - - - - o o o o
VR - Car Control - Trunk open - - - - - - o o
Smart Watch - Connected car features o o o o o o o o
OTA- Navigation update o o o o o o o o
User profile / Backup o o - - - - o o
Calendar Sync o o - - - - o o
Weather App o o - - - - o o
Sports App o o - - - - o o
EV - Remote charging control - - - - - - - o
EV - Remote charging reservation - - - - - - - o
EV - Charging target SOC setting - - - - - - - o
EV - DTE Range - - - - - - - o
EV - Remote charge port Control - - - - - - - o
Value Added Service - Fuel Purchase Coupon o o o o o o o o
Value Added Service -Booking Parking o o o o o o o o
H2C - Remote operation by Alexa o o o o o o o o

Bluelink services are free for 3 years
For all services, the vehicle should be in network coverage area
#Real time traffic information – 70 cities
^Variant specific, If supported
*Terms & conditions apply

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence through Voice Assistance.

Your voice is our command. With the voice controlled AI technology, you will have an enhanced driving experience.
. VAD (Voice Assist Dialing)
This AI based feature provides Voice Assistance for the simple tasks you would like your car to perform. For instance, calling a number or a name, e.g. “Please call / I want to call Rahul”.
. Vehicle Navigation Control
Simply ask your car to search and locate your Point of Interest (POI). Be it a petrol pump, bank or restaurant, you will get an AI enabled Voice Response to guide you there with real-time traffic information.
. Interactive Voice Recognition
A unique voice identification feature that recognises your voice to provide you with information on date, time and weather. It comes with NLU (Natural Language Understanding), which allows you to talk naturally without requiring the use of any specific commands.

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your Safety is our priority

Your safety is our priority.

A Hyundai car is not just beautiful but safe too. Because it is equipped with intuitive technology that helps you in case of any emergency.
. Auto Crash Notification
In case of a mishap, airbags get deployed. Also, Bluelink automatically notifies the Bluelink connect centre. Your five pre-saved emergency contacts get SMS notification and your GPS location.
. SOS / Emergency Assistance
If in a difficult situation, just press the SOS button (1st from the left) on the inside rearview mirror (IRVM). The Bluelink connect centre will immediately assist you.
. RSA (Road Side Assistance)
If your car breaks down in a deserted place, just press the RSA button (middle button) on the inside rearview mirror. It will connect you with the Bluelink connect centre, and our team will provide you with immediate assistance.
. Bluelink support
By pressing this button, driver can give a command to search on “Point of Interest”.
.Valet Mode**
Ensure your privacy by locking the AVN screen, while your car is driven by valet.
**Applicable for specific models only.
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Around the clock security for your car

Round-the-clock security for your car.

. Stolen Vehicle notification*
If an unauthorized person enters your car, you will be immediately notified through the app.
. Stolen Vehicle tracking*
In the unfortunate event of car theft, the Bluelink connect Centre will assist the police in finding your car by tracking it.
.Stolen vehicle immobilisation*
The Bluelink connect center will immobilize the stolen car, as soon as it makes its first stop.
. Geo-fence Alert
With Bluelink, you can set a digital perimeter for your car. If the perimeter is breached, you will be alerted at regular intervals.
. Speed Alert
To help avoid over speeding, Bluelink lets you set a speed limit. If it is exceeded, you are alerted at regular intervals.
. Time Fencing Alert
If your vehicle is moved in the time frame set by you, you are notified.
. Idle Alert
If your engine is left turned on for more than the set time limit, you are notified.
. Valet Alert
This feature lets you set the driving boundary, the speed and idling time limits. If any of these limits are breached, you are immediately alerted.
*Functionality dependent on adequate power supply and uninterrupted network connectivity.
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Convenience at your fingertips

Convenience at your fingertips.

Bluelink allows you to fully access/control certain features of your car from any distance with your mobile phone.
. Remote engine start/stop (AT/MT)
Start and stop your car from anywhere, with the help of Bluelink.
. Remote climate control (AT/MT)
Set the desired temperature in your car through temperature control module, the duration you want to keep it on for (maximum up to 10 minutes).
. Remote Door Lock/Unlock
Now lock/unlock your car from anywhere, just by using the Bluelink app.
. Remote Horn & Light Control
Spot your Hyundai in a blink. Simply use the Bluelink app to flash the headlamps and blow the horn for 30 seconds.
. Remote seat ventilation control/status
You can turn the seat ventilation on before getting in the car. The status of seat ventilation (On/Off) can also be checked remotely.
. Find My Car location
In a busy parking lot, Bluelink helps you locate your car, thus saving time.
. Remote vehicle status
On and Off conditions of engine, AC, doors, trunk, hood, fuel level, low tyre pressure indication and seat ventilation status (if equipped) can be checked remotely with Bluelink.
. Tyre pressure information
Get notified about the low pressure in tyres through the app. You can also see it on the vehicle AVNT screen.
. Fuel level information
The app screen displays the fuel levels so you can re-fuel beforehand and have a hassle-free trip.
. In-vehicle air quality status
The air quality level inside the car is displayed on the app screen.
. Remote air purifier ON
You can see the air quality level on the app screen and the air purifier can be turned on remotely.
. Share My Car (App sharing)
Share with your family, certain Bluelink services like POI (Point of Interest), send your destination to other cars (up to five), alerts, etc.
. Share the destination
Share your destination with your friends by sending an SMS with the destination link.
. Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
Track your car on your mobile for safety & security.
. Share and track vehicle location
You can share the live location of your car with family and friends.
. Schedule linked Destination
Keep track of your upcoming events and push event destinations to your car by syncing your smart phone calendar and destinations.
. Destination send to car
Start your travel plans by searching the route and distance before hitting the road. Travel route can be sent to the car from the app before starting the journey.
. Over –the air map update*
Experience the convenience of updated maps without visiting a service centre. The latest version of the map will get auto-updated, quite like mobile updates, thus making your life hassle-free. Disclaimer: 3 free map updates available in 3 years.
. Final destination guidance*
From parking till the final destination, guidance is available from Bluelink App.
. Server based routing*
Collects real time traffic data to give you accurate travel time before you start.
*Applicable for select models only
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Vehicle relationship management

Ensure proper health of your car

Ensure proper health of your car.

Vehicle health and maintenance are crucial to ensure you have a smooth experience on the road. So, Bluelink gives you a range of proactive alerts on maintenance to keep your car at its best.
. Auto diagnostic trouble codes check (Diagnosis)
Bluelink is designed to pre-empt any issues with your car. If it detects one, the indicator light will be turned ON and the system will perform an auto DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) check and inform you.
. Manual DTC check (Diagnosis)
Manual DTC check can also be done by selecting vehicle diagnostics on the AVNT screen.
. Driving information/behaviour
Bluelink gives you a trip analysis that allows you to see the effects of your driving on your car by showing you the total distance travelled, max./avg. speeds, hard braking, rapid acceleration, etc. (Trip History: 3 months (w.e.f. 15th Nov. 2022)).
. Maintenance alert
A list of parts that need to be changed periodically based on the odometer of the car is available on the app. Customers can switch the maintenance alert ON and manage the period and kilometers as per their requirement.
.Vehicle health report
The monthly health report available on Bluelink helps you track the health of your car. It shows the number of engine starts, distance travelled, drive time, max./avg. speeds, system health, etc.

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Voice commands through AI based technology


Now control your car without taking your eyes off the road.

. VR-Weather
While driving, you can inquire about the weather of different locations for the present day and for nine days in the future and in the past. This feature is powered by AccuWeather.
. Wake-up word
Just say “Hello Bluelink” to activate the voice-enabled services.
Without taking your hands off the steering, you can search for the Point of Interest (POI) like malls, fuel pumps, restaurants, etc. through voice command.
. VR – Time & date
While driving, you can inquire about time, date and time difference between countries using voice command.
. VR – Holiday
Through voice command you can ask for dates of Indian holidays like Diwali, Holi, etc.
. VR – Sports
Using voice command, you can request for the score update of an ongoing cricket match.
This feature is powered by Sports Radar.

sunroof control

. Sunroof control
Through voice command you can open and close the sunroof.
. VR – Media control
Through voice commands, you can select different media sources like USB, FM radio, You can also play your favorite radio station.
. Hands-free calling
Just say the name of the person or their phone number and connect with them.
. Map control
Through voice command, you can request a map, cancel route, and get destination info and much more.
. VR – Car control
Set the temperature, direction of air, defrost, adjust seat ventilation through voice command.
Climate control: Set the temperature and fan speed etc.
Wind direction (Floor/ Face/ Combi.)
Air intake type (Fresh/ Circulation)
Defroster (Front/ Rear)

Seat ventilation

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Smart watch

smart watch

Smart watch

You can use smart watch to sync your Bluelink to enjoy the whole gamut of features. The following smart watches are compatible with Hyundai Bluelink.:
• Apple Watch 3
• Apple Watch 5
• Apple Watch 7 (GPS, 41mm)
• Apple Watch SE (44 mm)
• Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3
• Fossil Gen 5
• Misfit Vapour 2
• Mobvoi Tic Watch Pro
• Oppo Watch (46 mm)
• PUMA Smartwatch
• Smasung Active Wear 2
• Smasung Galaxy Watch
• Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41)
• Samsung Galaxy 4 (1.4")
• Skygen Falster 2

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Smart watch Integration through Bluelink app

Watch face Remote controls Air purifier Alerts Status
Watch features Engine STOP AQI check Geo-fence alert Range
- Engine START - Speed alert Engine status
- Door lock - Time fence alert HVAC status
- Door unlock - Valet alert Door status
- Horn + Lights - Stolen vehicle alert TPMS
- - - - Fuel level status

Home to car (H2C) with Alexa and Google Voice assistant

home to car

Turn on the AC in your car from the comfort of your home. The new Hyundai Venue offers Home-to-car (H2C) functions that allow you to control a variety of such car features using
Alexa or Google Voice Assistant at home. Customers will also be able to track vehicle status through the H2C connectivity. With Home to car (H2C), customers will be able to control functions such as:
• Remote Climate Control
• Remote Door Lock/ Unlock
• Remote Vehicle Status Check
• Find My Car
• Fuel Level Information
• Tire Pressure Information
• Speed Alert
• Idle Time Alert
• Time Fencing (Out-of-Time) Alert

Convenience on the go

This new infotainment system has been introduced to delight the customers with Hyundai’s in-vehicle experience and to provide ‘Technology with Human Touch’. This also helps customers to drive vehicles without any disturbances with an optimal driving environment and comfort.

  • FAQs

    Q. What is Hyundai Bluelink?

    A. Bluelink is a dynamic and innovative connected car solution that combines safety and remote functionality into a complete package. It helps simplify the life of Hyundai owners and offers convenience at the push of a button!

    Q. I just purchased a brand new Hyundai vehicle. Do I need to pay to enroll in Bluelink?

    A. No, you do not need to pay to enroll Bluelink services as you receive 3 years of complimentary Bluelink services with the purchase of a new Hyundai vehicle. After the free 3 years trial period, if you wish to continue with your Bluelink services, charges may apply.

    Q. How can I enroll Bluelink service?

    A. Bluelink can be enrolled either through your in-car navigation system or through the smartphone app. Enrollment through the Navigation system is simple and quick but will be offered with only a limited range of services due to privacy and safety issues. To use all services, customer will need to enroll through the Bluelink App.
    Services offered after enrollment through Navigation will be "Crash Signal Notification, RSA, SOS, Real time Traffic info., Local Search, Server Voice Recognition", services directly related to the drivers safety and in-car convenience.

    Q. How can I enroll through the Navigation?

    A. 1. Click ' Service Activation' button from Bluelink menu in the navigation system.
    2. Click 'Agree' on the Terms & Conditions and Privacy policy
    3. Bluelink services are now activated. Now your vehicle is ""CONNECTED"".
    To enjoy the full range of services, please enroll through the Bluelink Smartphone app.

    Q. How can I enroll through the Bluelink Smartphone App?

    A. 1. Download 'Bluelink" App from the app store (Apple AppStore , Google PlayStore)
    2. Create an account
    - Use Google or Facebook account or use your e-mail account.
    3. Enter your mobile number
    4. Verify your mobile number with one-time verification code
    5. Add a new vehicle to your account
    7. Enter your vehicle VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
    8. A 6-digit verification code will be sent your Navigation system
    10. Enter the same verification code in your mobile app and now you can enjoy the complete suite of Bluelink services

    Note: To complete this process, make sure that you have physical access to your vehicle and the vehicle is parked in a location with good mobile network coverage.

    Q. I bought a used car. Can I use Bluelink?

    A. Yes of course. Bluelink is offered to anyone if your vehicle is still in the Free period or with an active Bluelink subscription, no matter if you're the first or second owner of the vehicle.
    If your vehicle is still enrolled to the previous owner, you need to call the call center (1800-258-4645) and request to unenroll the previous owner. Upon verification of your ownership, the call center agent will make your car ready to enroll for Bluelink services. Services will be available until the expiration of the vehicle warranty or the subscription period. Charges may apply post the free period of services.

    Q. Where can I find my VIN number?

    A. Your vehicle VIN information is available in your navigation system. Go to Bluelink Menu from Home screen, Bluelink Settings and then modem settings. Here you can find the 17-digit VIN number.

    Q. I want to discontinue with the Bluelink services

    A. If you wish to discontinue with the Bluelink services, you can terminate your account from My Page menu in the Bluelink app. Considering safety, you will be requested to contact our call center and upon confirmation of your ownership your service will be discontinued.

    Q. What should I do before selling my vehicle?

    A. When transferring the vehicle ownership, we recommend you to un-enroll the Bluelink service. Please call the Bluelink Call Center to assist you with Un-enrollment

    Q. How do I change my password?

    A. You can change your password from My Page menu in the Bluelink App.

    Q. Can I share Bluelink app with others?

    A. The vehicle owner, master user of Bluelink app can give the authority to others in order to use the Bluelink services.
    From My Vehicle Page in the Bluelink app, Tap on share under the car which you want to share and then enter the mobile number of sharing user and create a sharing pin code. Share this pin code with the sharing user. Now the sharing user will be notified about the access sharing and if he enters same sharing pin code, then he will be able to share the Bluelink app with you.

    Q. How do I change my phone number associated to my account?

    A. You can change your phone number by "My Page" menu in the Bluelink App. Tap on Reset Account and then you will be logged out. Now you will be asked to Re-login and after login, you will be asked to enter your new mobile number and verify with a one-time verification code.

    Q. I am unable to receive GPS information. What should I do?

    A. Check whether your vehicle is parked in areas where the GPS reception is poor such as underground parking lots, between mutli-storied building etc., Move your vehicle to a location with good GPS reception and all functions will operate normally.
    If the satellite reception is poor even in the open area, please visit your nearest service center.

    Q. What features can I use with my Bluelink Mobile App?

    A. Once your vehicle is enrolled with Bluelink services, you will be able to utilize remote control features like Remote Engine and AC Start, your vehicle status, know the exact location of your vehicle, destination send to car, your past trips information, have a comprehensive report on your vehicle's health, locate Hyundai dealers near you and many more at your fingertips.

    Q. How do I cool or warm my vehicle's interior using Bluelink?

    A. To Cool or warm your vehicle cabin with Bluelink app, just perform the remote engine and AC start operation and you will be asked to set the required temperature. Then your vehicle will be started with your desired temperature settings.

    Q. What is Find My Car and how to you use this feature on my mobile app?

    A. Find My Car allows you to find your vehicle location. just tap on find My Car icon on the home screen of the BluelLink app and enter your 4 digit PIN. Then your vehicle location will be popped up on the screen. Now tap on the vehicle icon, you will be able to see the Parking location and Parking time.

    Q. What is the Bluelink Vehicle Health Report?

    A. The Vehicle Health Report contains a comprehensive diagnosis and maintenance information of your vehicle which will help you to maintain your car in a good condition for longer run life.

    Q. What is RSA?

    A. In the events like flat tyre, engine breakdown, jump start required, low on fuel etc., Bluelink Roadside Assistance helps you to connect with our Customer Care agent who assists you and dispatches a roadside assistance team to your vehicle location if required. To access RSA from your vehicle, tap on the center button on the inside rear view mirror

    Q. What does the three buttons on my car's rearview mirror do?

    A. The first button from the left is SOS. SOS button will connect you with the customer care agent and you can request for emergency services like Police or ambulance. The center button is Road side assistance (RSA) button. RSA button connects you with the customer care agent and you can request for assistance in the events of Vehicle Breakdown. The button on the extreme right is the Bluelink button, and you can request the call center agent to find or even recommend a certain place and set it as your destination on your in-car navigation system.

    Q. What do I do if I forget or want to update my PIN?

    A. You can update your PIN from My Page screen in the Bluelink smartphone app. Tap on "Reset PIN" and then you will be logged out. Now login with your credentials and now you will be redirected to PIN change page to create a new PIN

    Q. Where can I find the status of my subscription?

    A. You can find your current subscription status from My Page screen in the Bluelink smartphone app

    Q. What happens after my subscription expires?

    A. After your free subscription period expires you can renew your Bluelink subscription through the Bluelink app. Subscription fee will be applied.

    Q. What is Remote Engine Start and how does it work?

    A. Remote Engine Start allows you to start your vehicle’s engine remotely with the help of Bluelink mobile app. This feature also lets you control in-car climate settings like temperature, front window defroster, rear window heater etc. It is important to remember that some conditions need to fulfill before you can remote-start a vehicle. Please refer to the next answer for more details.

    Q. Why does the remote engine start feature not work sometimes?

    A. For Remote Engine Start to work successfully, please ensure the following:
    • For Auto Transmission (AT) vehicle, the Gear Shift Level must be in P (Park) position and all the doors including hood and trunk must be closed and locked.
    • For Manual Transmission (MT) vehicles, the Gear Shift Lever should be in N (Neutral) position, and Electronic Parking brake (EPB) should be engaged. In case of manual parking brake vehicles, Parking Brake should be fully engaged to higher notches, the vehicle should be parked on a flat surface and all the doors including hood and trunk must be closed and locked.
    General Conditions (both AT / MT), Remote Engine start is possible only after the ignition has been off for 30 seconds with all doors including hood and trunk properly closed and locked. The Fob Key should not be inside the vehicle. The vehicle battery level should be at optimal level for the engine to start. Also, your vehicle’s last ignition OFF should have been less than 7 days ago and it should be parked in an open area with optimal mobile network coverage.

    Please refer to the owner’s manual for more details. Also, please note that Remote Engine Start, Remote Horn & Lights must be used in compliance with local laws, rules or ordinances applicable in your location.

    Q. Why sometimes it takes long time to acknowledge remote engine start command?

    A. Sometimes it might a long time to acknowledge your remote engine and AC start command. Usually, to avoid any battery discharge, your vehicle will be in a state of "sleep". Therefore, when an Engine Start command is given, a "wake up" message is sent to the vehicle and it takes a little time for the vehicle to boot up and acknowledge the Engine Start command.