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Hyundai Motor India Foundation

MIF was formed in the year 2006 with the purpose of 'giving back' to society and to initiate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities in the areas of Community Development, Health Care, Educational and Vocational Training, Environment, Road Safety, Art, Science, Technology, etc

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Safe Move

Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the country's leading premium car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter launched its CSR initiative 'Safe Move-Traffic Safety Campaign' in association with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Safe Move is one of the key pillars of Hyundai's global CSR campaign on Traffic Safety Campaign. Under the aegis of "Safe Move", HMIL in association with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will promote the best practices of road and traffic safety habits among children. Mr Shah Rukh Khan to participate in Hyundai’s CSR initiatives as Hyundai’s Corporate Brand Ambassador. Mr Khan has been associated with Hyundai since 1998 in India and has been instrumental in strengthening Hyundai brand in India.

The Safe Move official Traffic Safety Campaign educates the children on the Traffic Safety. Along with the TV airing, special School Contact and RWA (Residential Welfare Association) programs have been designed to reach out and spread the Traffic Safety message across the multiple cities in India. A ‘Kids Hyundai’ website (, a specially designed website for children on Traffic Safety is developed. In order to enjoy all the convenience and joys of driving, we need to ensure a safe environment for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Happy Move

Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the country’s second largest car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter launched global CSR campaign- Happy Move in India. Hyundai Motor India in association with Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) will spread awareness on the Indian heritage monuments.

Happy Move is an integral part of Hyundai’s efforts to create a safe and happy world. The theme of Happy Move program this year is “Save Our Heritage” and in this program Hyundai conducted awareness drive (Jan11- 21, 2016) with 100 Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers (80 from Korea and 20 from India) at the heritage sites of Safdarjung Tomb, Firozshah Kotla, Qutub Minar and Old Fort. At these heritage sites, the volunteers undertook activities to upkeep the amenities, maintenance of gardens and will conduct awareness activities to educate the visitors on the value of heritage.

Further to spread the message amongst children, volunteers also conducted school contact programme at Sarvodaya schools at Chanakya Puri, Pandara Road, Mehrauli and INA colony. As part of the initiative volunteers also undertook school premises cleaning, school wall designing, maintenance of gardens and design competitions for a positive and conducive study environment.