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Hyundai Bluelink:

Bluelink is a connected car feature platform offered by Hyundai that enables an easy flow of critical information between a car and a car owner. Launched in 2019 in India, Bluelink is an AI based technology, with inbuilt SIM card and a 24x7 call centre that enhances your safety, security and convenience. The platform is designed to perform 60+ connected functions including proactive alerts, safety SOS/Emergency Assistance, auto-crash notification, trip history, remote vehicle control, vehicle status, remote functions, VR, Value-Added Services etc. Bluelink aims to revolutionise the future of connected cars in India providing quality time and ease of life for customers while on go.

Hyundai Bluelink Subscription

Bluelink subscription is being offered to customers for free in the first three years and will be available on paid basis post that period of time. Starting 15th December 2023, the customers whose subscription is about to expire, can renew online through the Bluelink app or offline at their nearest dealership. Through Bluelink, Hyundai is offering customers a peace of mind when it comes to their safety, security, and convenience. The customers can enjoy exclusive Hyundai offers, Value-Added Services, Driving Score, Vehicle Health Reports and much more. Bluelink Subscription plan is available at an attractive price for 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. 

Hyundai Bluelink Subscription Plan

Steps to purchase ‘Hyundai Bluelink Subscription’ plan – Online

. Customer can also purchase Hyundai Bluelink subscription by visiting their nearest dealership.

  • FAQs

    1. Is Bluelink free, or do I have to pay for the subscription?

    A. Bluelink Subscription is offered free to customers for 3 years with the purchase of a new car. After completion of 3 years, Bluelink customers can renew the subscription on paid basis.

    2. How can I renew my Bluelink subscription?

    A. There are two modes through which you can renew your Bluelink subscription –
    > Online: Through the Bluelink app
    > Offline: By visiting your nearest Hyundai dealership

    3. What kind of paid Bluelink subscription plans are available?

    A. There are 1 year, 2 years and 3 years subscription plans available for Bluelink Subscription (standalone) and Bluelink bundled with Extended Warranty.

    4. What are the steps to renew the Bluelink subscription online?

    A. Bluelink customer need to open the Bluelink App > click ‘Value-Added Services’ option > select Bluelink Subscription. (Please refer the User Guide for further details).

    5. Can I access the Bluelink App after the expiry date to renew my subscription?

    A. No, kindly visit your nearest dealership to renew your Bluelink subscription.

    6. How much time does it take to activate Bluelink, after successful completion of the payment?

    A. It takes 1-2 working days to activate the Bluelink subscription.

    7. Can I renew my Bluelink subscription for multiple vehicles through the app?

    A. Yes

    8. What payment methods are accepted for renewal through the app?

    A. UPI / Debit Card / Credit Card / Net banking

    9. How do I get a receipt for my renewal payment?

    A. Post successful payment, Bluelink customers receive the invoice on the registered email id. Bluelink customer can also download the Invoice available under the ‘transaction’ tab.

    10. Can I transfer my Bluelink subscription to a new Hyundai vehicle?

    A. The Bluelink Subscription is non-transferable and non-extendable in any case.

    11. Can I get a refund, if I unsubscribe to Bluelink?

    A. There is a no-refund policy, we request Bluelink customer to read T&C before making any payment.

    12. Is RSA part of Bluelink Subscription?

    A. No. Customer need to purchase RSA separately, post it expires.


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