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Adding mobility to capability.



Kitna asaan hai humare liye,
Ek nazar mein soch lena ki wo asamarth hain.
Jabki unka junoon, unki har jeet ye batati hai, ki wo kitne samarth hain.

Shaan se uthe sir ko pataa hai wo kitne samarth hain.
Paani ki geraiyon ko pataa hai wo kitne samarth hain.
Har ruki nazar ko pataa hai wo kitne samarth hain.
Har nishane ko pataa hai wo kitne samarth hain.
Jeet par goonj rahe Rashtragaan ke har shabd
ko pataa hai wo kitne samarth hain.

Chalo, inki misaal se duniya ki socch badlein.
Chalo, ek aeisi duniya banein,
jahan ye apne khwab ko khud pura kar paein.
Kyonki… ye samarth hain.

Samarth by Hyundai
Manzil Unki. Saath humara.

Introducing “Samarth by Hyundai” | Manzil unki. Saath humara.

For Hyundai, mobility is not just about cars or transportation. Mobility is both a word that captures the essence of Progress for Humanity, and is also an act that opens infinite doors to a world of opportunities. That people with different abilities or with certain disabilities should have equal access to this world is a natural extension of what the company believes in, and has delivered for decades.

Samarth is a manifestation of this belief.

Samarth is a simple world that means capable. And it is the capability of every single human that adds to the progress of humanity. That a few among us should be restricted in achieving what they can as individuals, is a loss for the entire human race.

Samarth is a step towards creating a more aware and inclusive society towards people with disabilities in India.

With technology, partnerships, product innovations, and storytelling, Samarth is about turning the world into a level-playing field for all. Because disabilities that some of us have to live with should not define how we live, or what we can - or cannot - achieve.

Samarth is also an initiative to change mindsets and spark change. A change that will make the world see the true capability of the people with disabilities. A shift that will make everyone push as one for a more equitable and inclusive environment. Helping create a world where we can all grow into the best versions of ourselves. Together, through mobility and for humanity.

experience new horizon

People with disabilities in India. Overcoming challenges and winning.

In India’s diversified and vast population, people with one or more disabilities are not hard to come across. The 2011 population census data reveals disabilities to be around 26.8 million, constituting 2.21% of India’s total population. People working for rights of disabled and other social workers are of an opinion that these numerals provided in the census are in a very small percentage of the actual data. World Bank data for India suggests the number to be between 40 and 80 million. Inferences from the data secured from across the globe suggest that disabled persons in India are significant in comparison to other developed economies.

Despite significant proportion of the total population in India, persons with disabilities live a very harsh life.

India is still lacking behind in providing infrastructure to disabled persons despite several efforts and campaign. It is high time that we work together to create a stress free environment for such persons, and break the barriers with the aim of changing negative attitudes about persons with disabilities, and turn it into a positive recognition of their attributes, skills and their sole rights.

About Samarth.

The initiative is aligned with Hyundai’s global vision of Progress for Humanity. Where the larger goal is to enable an inclusive, progressive world through the power of mobility.

The humane pillar is one of the key pillars under this vision. It supports our brand vision and gives us a unique direction. It provides a fertile ground for the establishment of communication with customers. With the operative words being kind, sympathetic, and humanising.

Samarth pushes these beliefs and aspirations by enabling inclusivity in society, through empowerment of the people with disabilities.

Internalisation Actions


Pledge to make our website friendly for people with disabilities -

This means committing to ensuring that our website is accessible and user-friendly for people with disabilities. We aim to promote inclusivity and provide equal opportunities for all users to access and interact with our online content. This is a comprehensive effort to ensure that our digital presence is accessible to all, regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. By following through on this pledge, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable digital landscape.


Pledge to make our dealerships & service centres friendly for people with disabilities -

This signifies our commitment to ensuring that our physical business locations are accessible and accommodating towards people with disabilities. Creating an inclusive environment in our dealerships will improve the overall customer experience and demonstrate our dedication to diversity and equality. It is also a reflection of our commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all customers. It demonstrates social responsibility, fosters positive customer relationships, and contributes to a more inclusive society.


Pledge to make our cars more friendly for passengers with disabilities -

Committing to enhancing the friendliness of our cars for passengers with disabilities entails a dedication to configuring and outfitting our vehicles in a manner that caters to the needs of passengers with disabilities. This pledge underscores our firm commitment to crafting automobiles that are both all-encompassing and considerate of the requirements of passengers with disabilities, with a central focus on ensuring their safety, comfort, and convenience when journeying in our vehicles. Development and introduction of Swivel Seats and accessories with MOBIS is a key step in this direction.

Partnerships with NGO


At Hyundai we truly believe a larger movement is created by smaller changes at the grass root level and to ensure such changes:
Hyundai Motor India Foundation has partnered with GoSports Foundation & Samarthanam Trust for the disabled. The programme aims to support Indian para-athletes in both team events and individual sports to promote inclusivity, foster a culture of innovation and bring impact in the parasports ecosystem to inspire the nation.

Designed to provide a comprehensive platform for para-athletes to engage and excel in sports, the programme will identify deserving para-athletes & Blind Cricketers, enable structured all rounded support and give them the tools to succeed in their sport and beyond.

To achieve this end, the athletes in the program will receive support for specialized elite-level training, access to adaptive equipment, connect with the best network of experts in India and abroad to help reach their potential, and assistance to compete at the National and International level.

The program also aims to support people with disabilities with assistive mobility devices, with an aim to improve the quality of life of those individuals.

Partnership with NDTV as an awareness stakeholder

NDTV partners with Hyundai as an ‘awareness stakeholder’ to embark on their mission to promote disability inclusion and empowerment across the nation. This exciting and progressive collaboration will raise awareness, foster inclusivity, and empower people with disabilities in every facet of life. The Hyundai-NDTV partnership will see a multi-faceted campaign that encompasses a range of initiatives designed to create a more accessible, inclusive, and empathetic society. NDTV’s award-winning programming and expansive reach will help amplify the campaign message, thus driving action and positive change. Through a mix of on-ground outreach, school contact programs, high-impact documentaries, insightful discussions and social media engagement, NDTV will create a 360-degree awareness campaign to amplify the campaign message.